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Newt Art.jpg
Frog Surge and Sewer Survivalist
"Every tunnel has a story, for those with the ears to listen."
Art Source:
Discord@disco goblin#9660
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.November 4th, 2059
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Newt in a small amphibian surge with slimy, color changing skin and long frog legs. She has damp, seaweed like hair and three bulging eyes, one in the center of her forehead. She dresses in the grime-streaked gear of an urban explorer, having spent most of her life scavenging Seattle's sewers. A talented psychometrist and devotee of Raven, she believes herself to be a vessel for the secrets trapped in the junk. A recent vision of a murder has pushed her into the shadows, driven by a feverish obsession with finding the victim. She's an amateur assassin and ruthless survivalist, and will stop at nothing to satisfy her curiosity.


  • Find the woman from her vision.
  • Hear the secrets hidden in the waste
  • Become a chosen follower of Raven
  • Buy a real bed


(CW: Gore, Violent Murder)

Newt was born as a hobgoblin in the Orcish Underground, and enjoyed a fairly normal childhood until her SURGE. A random spike in mana triggered a glitch in her genetic code, forcing drastic mutations that gave her the appearance of a three eyed kappa. Her legs contorted into those of a massive frog, and her skin's color and texture began to shift to match its environment. Her long tongue turned an almost black shade of purple, and toxic slime started to ooze from her body. Her parents, terrified of what their child had become, decided to take her underground. She was bundled up, sedated, and abandoned in the lowest reaches of the Orkish Underground

Left to fend for herself, Newt used her new body to scrape out a living in the muck. Although her mutations gave her an edge, it was the intervention of Raven that truly saved her life. The spirit appeared in the form of a grotesquely mutated three-eyed bird, its whispers guiding Newt as she adapted to her environment. They taught her how to harness her magic, to peer through the darkness and remain unseen by her foes; They taught Newt to survive, and for that they earned her unquestioning devotion.

After a while, Raven's whispers began to change. They focused less on survival and more on feeding Newt's curiosity. The spirit told of valuable secrets, hidden in the waste for those brave enough to find them. The young SURGE jumped at the chance to please her mentor, and opened her mind to receive their knowledge. Raven taught her sensing and psychometry, techniques that when used in the underground threatened to shatter her already fragile mind. Newt didn't care; her fascination with the visions far outweighed their horror, and as she grew older Raven's influence drove her deeper under the earth.

Newt spent years exploring Seattle's vast underground, scavenging the tunnels for items to assense. She sell the ones that gave her the strongest visions to the Skraacha; it was their secrets that fascinated her, not the objects themselves. She didn't understand the knowledge she was receiving, but she kept wanting more. Psychometry became her purpose and her obsession, one of the very few reasons she had to even want to stay alive. Over the years she scoured the underground for hidden things, eventually discovering a claw hammer that lay at the bottom of a vast pit. The handle thrummed with a powerful secret, and Newt took hold.

They were standing in a high rise apartment, nicer than any they had ever seen. The stenches of sweat and death filled their nostrils, and a fine red mist closed around their head. Thin blood dripped from their hammer as they clenched their fist. A dwarven woman lay on the floor, as graceful as someone with a cracked skull could be. She seemed awfully casual about her own death, and staring up at her killer with an almost playful expression. Her violet eyes though, they burned with intensity. She stared through the flesh and into the mind, making it clear with their smile that they found it lacking. The mist pressed down harder, and the hammer fell. Right before the metal met bone, the eyes shifted their focus. They looked through their killer, boring into Newt like a pair of rats. They never left, even as the hammer smashed them into paste, and as the vision faded to red Newt was left with a single demand: find them.

Newt emerged in a cold sweat, struggling to hold back their vomit. Her mentor spirit loomed, just as fascinated with the hammer as she was. They repeated the eyes' demand: find them. She put herself through the vision again and again, searching for any clues as to who this woman was. The alien apartment overlooked a skyline she had never seen, and the only thing she could be sure of was that it was on the surface. She would need to climb to continue her investigation, and Newt knew enough about the surface to know that it would take a lot of money.

She began to deal with the Skraacha, not as a salvager but a spy and assassin. After a few preliminary jobs and a loan from the officer Warboss, she obtained a fake SIN and access to the Haven. Now she runs the shadows, searching for any clues that may lead her to the eyes. The surface is a strange and usually hostile place, but Newt is determined to find the source of her vision. If anyone gets in her way, they'll just be another body to step over.

Narrative Significant Qualities


A Big Frog (Positive Metagenics)

  • Satyr Legs (Extra movement speed, -1 Freak penalty)
  • Monkey Paws (+2 to non-tumbling gymnastics and climbing checks, only +1 if wearing shoes that aren't specially made)
  • Frog Tongue (Able to snatch objects up to 200 grams)
  • Dynamic Coloration (-2 visual perception to detect them when moving, -4 when stationary. Cannot be wearing clothes that would impede this)
  • Defensive Secretion (If someone touches her bare skin while she's agitated, they take -1 to all tests in the next 24 hours. Can be cured with Logic + Medicine, threshold 2)

Newt is a heavily mutated SURGE. Although their body horrifies polite society, it is quite effective at surviving.

Devotee of Raven (Mentor Spirit: Raven (Alt)): Raven has been with Newt since she was first abandoned, appearing in the form of a grotesquely mutated three-eyed crow. Metahumans leave many secrets in their waste, and Raven urges their follower to find them.

Urban Survivalist (School of Hard Knocks, PPP: Sneaking): You don't make it 20 years in the sewers by being dumb. What Newt lacks in schooling she makes up for in pure survival instinct.

All Seeing Eyes (Seer): Newt is capable of sensing and psychometry, and uses them to their fullest. She pursues new visions with the fervor of a BTL addict, giving no regard for the harm that they're bringing to her mind.


A Big Frog (Negative Metagenics)

  • Critter Spook (Freaks out animals, -2 to handling checks)
  • Nocturnal (Mental attributes reduced by 1 during the daytime)
  • Scales (Not scales as much as frog skin. -1 social dice when visible, +2 to matrix searches on the character)
  • Scent Glands (+1 dice to locate by scent (+2 if stressed), -1 social dice (-2 when stressed). Effect can be covered by perfume)
  • Symbiosis (The Orcish Undergound. RF 122)
  • Third Eye (Center of forehead. Threshold 2 perception to spot it when closed. -1 social dice when not concealed)
  • Unusual Hair (Color changing, seaweed like hair. +1 to matrix searches on the character)

When completely uncovered, Newt faces either a -4 or -5 social dice penalty depending on their stress level. Perfume and a full body cover will eliminate these penalties.

Newt cannot walk freely on the surface, and must usually cover every inch of skin. Her SIN claims that she has a highly infectious skin disease, but assensing will quickly reveal that to be a lie.

Psychometric Burnout (Did You Just Call Me Dumb, Poor Self Control: Vindictive, Impassive): A life spent in the tunnels is traumatic enough, but years of opening her mind to their misery have left Newt's sanity hanging by a thread. She's seen the waste that metahumans leave behind, lived through their worst impulses and regrets; she believes the species to be inherently corrupt, and holds little regard for individual lives. She's cold, paranoid, and has almost no manners to speak of.

Monsters Have Allergies Too (Allergy Mild, Uncommon): Shellfish: Was the allergy a part of her SURGE? Who can say. Either way, shellfish make her break out in hives.

No Schools in the Sewer (Uneducated, Illiterate): Raven taught Newt everything she needed to know. Apparently that didn't include how to read.

Completely Justified Paranoia (Social Stress: Tough/Battle Scarred Women): It's not nerves, it's survival instinct.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Halluncination Nation 4: Newt Fucking Dies (This Time For Real)PatGriffinCall of the Shadows13 September 2082
Hallucination Nation 3: Newt Fucking Dies (Spiritually)Sleevey11 September 2082
Fragmented VineyardAsmodeus8 September 2082
A Maximus Tactical Family CatastropheAurora27 August 2082
In The Plastic JunglesAurora23 August 2082
Ghouls in my Ork UndergroundSleevey9 August 2082
The Second StrikeArchtmagBy Royal Decree4 August 2082
Just Your Standard Gender Reveal PartyAurora2 August 2082
Tug of WarAsmodeusThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes28 July 2082
Finda KillerPatGriffinCall of the Shadows22 July 2082
Chestnuts Out of the FireSarcarianA Scattering of Deadly Petals14 July 2082
The Most Urban Brawl 3: A Nice Clean MatchSleevey30 June 2082
The Enigma of Nodbert's Numerous Noodles for a Nuyen that are Nowhere to be NoticedWarr20 June 2082
Shark WeekCutierThanThouIt's Always Wednesday in Seattle19 June 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Warboss 6 -1 Fixer Fixer WAAAGH!, Moar Dakka!, Half Machine, All Trog, Gang Boss, Lok'tar Ogar, Crime Lord, Smuggler -2
Carlos Blanco 3 2 Fixer(K,G,N,A) Town Gossip Rumer Mill, Tortuga Taco Truck, I Know A Guy, Corporate Lunchbreak Even
The Cap'n 1 1 Service Cap'n Who Are Ye, Again?, Master of the High Seas, Smuggling Scoundrel, Fish Fear Me Even
Amelia Novak 1 3 Service Urban Primitive The Beast Within, Use Every Part Even
Krimelin 3 1 Custom(K,A,G,N) FBI's Most Wanted Albinism, Spirit Savant, Demoncaller, Go On A Trip, Safehouses, Let It All Burn Even
Weirdboi 3 3 Custom(G,A,K,N) Skraacha Cyberdoc Shamanic Surgery, Shamanic Cybersurgeon, Measure twice, cut just an irresponsible amount, It fell of a lot of trucks, Black Market Connections, Jar of blood! Oh I'll stop the bleeding now Even


The Skraacha: The Skraacha aren't exactly friendly, but Newt has dealt with them enough to be somewhat familiar with how the organization works. She's also indentured to one of their officers.



Metaracists: Most meta-hating groups would attack Newt on sight if they saw her real body. She doesn't appreciate it much.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 You find some adorable salamander pictures
3 Various conspiracy theories of a frog-like cryptid living underneath Seattle, known as the Muckraker. There's an episode of the trideo show "Paranormal Monster Hunt" devoted to the theories, featuring the two hosts doing frog croaks in a sewer tunnel.
6 You find some extremely angry comments debunking the "Paranormal Monster Hunt" episode. Apparently the Muckraker is either a very intelligent paracritter or a SURGE. No concrete info on why they live in the sewer, but the hordes of gun toting conspiracy theorists seem like a pretty compelling reason.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Newt? You sure that's even a street name?
3 One of Warboss's prospects, a new runner on the scene. They're awakened and good at sneaking.
5 They're a SURGE, and a heavily mutated one at that. They come from deep in the Orcish Undergound, and are a physical adept specializing in recon. They're also a psychometrist.


Olga Salazar (Rating 4 Fake)

  • Adept License
  • Concealed Carry License
  • Private Investigator License
  • Suffers from a severe skin condition. Contagious on touch.


Newt is about 4'11 and 100 pounds. Uncovered she looks like a color changing kappa, with a long purple tongue and a third eye that opens when she's casting spells. She has a soft, highly flexible shell on her back that shifts color with her skin; It's the consistency of very stretchy rubber. Her damp hair hangs down like seaweed, and the top of her head has a small divet that she likes to keep filled with water. When stressed, she is covered in a thin layer of slime.


Out in public, Newt will typically cover her body completely. She wraps slime-resistant bandages around her forearms, calves, neck, and head. She wears a specially made urban explorer jumpsuit and boots, covered by a hooded brown cloak long enough to conceal her legs. As a finishing touch, she covers her face with a theatrical kappa mask. The actor whom it used to belong left behind some of their passion for the craft; Newt believes that touching it helps improve their own performance.

Matrix Persona

Newt uses the Sony Angel's default matrix persona, not really knowing how to change it.

Media Mentions

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