No Good Deed goes Unpunished

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No Good Deed goes Unpunished
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Runner Team
Paragon Cybered Dwarf
Human Mage
Elf Con Adept


Paragon delivered some ice cream through a Downtown-Bellevue-Renton checkpoint for a stuffer shack in Renton. Then, she got intercepted by some elf student who really needed her paper delivered to a professor in the Washington university U-dub that she could not deliver because of her need to visit a . This paper was a bomb, and Paragon barely stays conscious from the explosion, and manages to get to a friendly hospital in Redmond to get treated after stalking a hospital to see if the elf "student" would show up. Paragon contacts some people, arranges a meet with the people who tricked her into becoming a terrorist and promptly asked some questions. She alienated the runners and walked off from the meet area,w ent invisible and stalked htem to their safe house. paragon snuck into the safe house, got past through a spirit, a trap door and a regular door before getting punched in the face by a wared up troll and instantly being knocked out.

Went to deliver icecream

Got intercepted by some elf chick, given a backpack to deliver to University of Washington, which Paragon promptly delivered to it's destination, and told

Put it on the professor's desk, texted the info to the woman and soaked 16 P from the explosion.

Went to hospital, after being directed by Obelix to one.

Talked to the stuffer shack guy

Asked patches for details on the runners, got given a locale on the team who tricked me.

Given a meet with gus’s bar

Met the runners, got threatened


Paragon is a full mage that is aspected to the Fire-Bringer.

The Meet

Paragon discusses delivery terms with the person who wants a mysterious cold cannister delivered to a stuffer shack.

The Plan

Use levitation spells to move it around, go through a checkpoint like a normal person and *hope*.

The Run

Paragon successfully moves the goods through the checkpoint with no issue. As she went to leave the stuffer shack, she was intercepted by an elf student who needed a paper delivered to her professor that she couldn't do her self because of her need to visit her grandmother at a local hospital. Paragon successfully represses the urge to fangirl over the fact that U-Dub uses actual paper to deliver for their papers and look into the backpack to see her papers and talk to her about the joys of college life. Paragon does not question the actual validity of the fact that they probably don't actually have paper, nor why it was specifically a backpack that needs to be delivered. Paragon asks if there is any illegal stuff in the bag and is told no, and accepts this at face value.

Paragon delivers this to the U-dubs campus, informs the student that the paper is delivered and promptly gets caught in the blast radius of the bomb inside the backpack. Barely staying conscious from the blast, Paragon leaves the scene and drives over to some hospital near the stuffer shack and stalks it for a couple hours hoping that the do-badder who tricked her into doing such a horrible thing at the behest of her mentor spirit. After having no success, and realizing that they probably lied about what they did, Paragon goes to Dr Elijah "Snowflake" Turing to get treated for their explosion wounds. after a day and a half of treatment Paragon then contacts Obelix to get more info on what happened in the U-Dub Bombing. Paragon is informed of the 8 dead and 17 wounded during the explosion and smolders in a quaking rage at being used like this. Paragon makes a poor lie after a pointed question from Obelix about being the one who planted the bomb and quickly logs off.

Paragon stalks the chummer shack where she got contacted by the "student", and assenses the area. she spots a adept power use where she was talked to by the Elf. She then talks to the clerk who was somehow very helpful and gave a description of the runner team who did this along with her associates.

A cybered up dwarf, a troll, a human accompanied the the elf adept. Paragon contacts Patches on more info on the group and a chance to talk with them. Paragon meets with them at a Redmond Bar named "Gus's Bar". orders an alcohol and gets to business with he people. Paragon gets a scathing dress down on the nature of the shadows and feels really bad, and lies through her teeth when she states that she is gonna go home and sulk about being used as a courier for a bomb. The troll not-so-subtly tells Paragon that any instigating actions will result in broken Arms for Paragon. Paragon makes a bad excuse and kinda just leaves. She then promptly stalks them through a window while on an invisiblity spell, and follows them to their safe house.

Paragon uses a levitation spell to come to the roof of the safe house, hooks onto the side and ends both invisibility and levitation spell and climbs up, nearly slipping in the process. She sneaks past the earth spirit, through a hatch ont he ceiling and onto a cat-walk. She taking a picture of the human and dwarf watching some trids, and cracks open the door. Paragon promptly gets punched in the face by a gigantic troll with titanium bones and cyber spurs. by a miracle, Paragon did not perish on the spot.


Paragon wakes up in a burning safe house with a ominous note to stop following these runners, and a life lesson to not wear her heart so openly.


25 nuyen for completing the icecream job Initiate Grade 1 Discount 8 Karma A new group of enemies.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I really don't like the pattern of grievous bodily harm I have been going through lately. Ow. Why do people do this to me?