No One Escapes Internal Affairs

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No One Escapes Internal Affairs
GMBlood Librarian
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp


The Shadowrunners were tasked by the J to find and murder a guy on a boat. They found him, and did the job. They got paid.


Jason Phobos, mid-level corporate manager at a skating ring in the Redmond Barrens done something so unradical® that Johnny Spinrad frowned. Marked for death by the Internal Affairs of the SpinGlobal Corporation, his clock was gonna be tocked. However, the Internal Affairs Agent assigned to him couldn't be bothered to get a fleet asset to nuke this guy's boat, so he hired shadowrunners to find and eliminate the unradical agent.

The Meet

The meet occurred at the Errancy of Fire, a SaederrKrupp subsidary bar geared towards cultivating an environment friendly for meets between Johnsons' & Shadowrunners. The Johnson had his Spinglobal body guard hang on the ceiling and using magic to stay invisible, and almost fell during the duration of the meet. Runners agreed to do the job for an 80,000 nuyen budget. The runners had two weeks to kill the man.

The Plan

Find the man by looking for any connections he has with his old business, use them to trace it back to the guy.

The Run

Shadowrunners left to go to Gus's bar to continue the next phase of their plans in a place not owned by Saederr Krupp. On arrival, they happenstance on a Crude Ganger. They talked to Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III at roughly the same time, revealing that the Crudes was working with that SpinGlobal facility for area reconnaissance and as a cats paw for things they cannot really do themselves without raising some questions. This information was given in return for extracting the targets 10,000 nuyen brick of novacoke. The aforementioned ganger eventually leaves with his parents to walk home, and the Shadowrunners stalk them until they happen upon an empty section of street, jump them, and extract the guy for intel gathering, his parents thought he actually was gonna die too. He is ultimately used to enter into the ganger hide out of the Crudes, a giant power distribution tower converted into looking something like an oil rig. Inside, they negotiate with the boss of the gang, and the Shadowrunners do not get gunned down when they lie to the ganger about not immediately messing with the Shadowrunners who are extracting the targets girlfriend out of the AO. This information was given on the contingent that they cool their jets and wait for those Shadowrunners to finish the hit and then they can do the job.

the team hired by Spin global internal affairs promptly finds the Shadowrunners trying to extract the woman, and have an encounter with them. the poor summoner gets a surreal conversation in which he is interrogated by GANGER PRIME, Barracuda. It kind of turns around when Barracuda lets his force four guidance spirit materialize and not immediately punch it to death. It went wrong when the guy asks his spirit to make Barracuda go away, and the spirit casts fear on him. The shadowrunners fight eachother, and the shadowhaven runners win. The "enemy" Shadowrunners consist of a rigger in a cocoon in a van, a aspected summoner on a scooter, and the incredibly philosophical 10 strength street sam troll with an osmium mace named the "City And Bone Unmaker." they more or less begged for their life or ran away after getting attacked by a banshee intent on shucking them out of their cocoon, getting shot in the back while trying to drive away from ganger prime Barracuda, and getting shot in the thigh respectively. The troll seriously thought about reneging the surrender and murdering one of the Shadowrunners, but didn't. The Shadowrunners confirm the girlfriend is in the skating park, find her with a flyspy and send her a message asking if she wants to go to see her boyfriend. Not wanting to have chat logs of her willingly be extracted by shadowrunners while on corporate time (and lose her SIN), she denied, but maybe she would've accepted an in-person request. the Shadowrunners kind of just give up on double dipping the pay from the J and the target, and went to using the location the ganger foolishly gave out to jump the target.

Swerve summoned and binded a fire spirit, summoned a water spirit. They used a boat the negotiated with the J to get earlier, and it came with T-shirt launchers that also accepted grenade launchers. ont he way to the AO they evaded police boats. They arrive onto the scene, create a massive fog around the boat, and the mage comes over and investigates. He sees the two fire spirits and banshee, and runs away back to his body! Swerve releases the water spirit and summons a fire spirit. The rapid response team is alerted, and three groups of Jet Ski-riding UZI wielding maniacs are sent to deal with the situation. they all died, murdered by lightning balls, grenades and a giant squid in the water. The shadowrunner team boards the boat, and the force six fire spirits promptly begin slaughtering anyone who fits the description of being a combatant. The on-site mage, close friend of the target, throws a force 12 lightning bolt at one and doenst kill the thing. He is promptly immolated. remaining OPFOR surrenders and attempts to evacuate. the target attempts to con the runners into giving him enough time to activate his escape pod, but the comedy gods gave him a 60 second timer before it actually lifted off, so they destroyed the guys chance to escape and mocked him until the fire spirit materialized in the pod and turned it into a pressure cooker.

Jason Phobos died screaming.

The runner team evacuates after extracting the novacoke brick from a safe in the targets personal room, and completes all objectives handsomely.


Glorious Witness, the Johnson of this run has a annoyance murdered without ruining his purple shoes.

The Shadow runners got paid.

Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III got the 10,000 nuyen novacoke brick he lost.

the Crudes are SpinMad about not getting paid, and has no-one to take revenge against since they didn't really ask for names.


Run Reward 12 RVP
20,000 Nuyen (10 RVP) 2 Karma (2 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Hey Tony, put this one under Ace is actually an operator. *Ace delivers a chopped up video of his personal highlights.* Ace breaking down step by step how to disable an FLR troll with a large melee weapon, confirming it can't be quick-drawn, confirming they are not awakened and then shooting them in the thigh, and him giving Barracuda a very lucky callout before an Ares Cheetah rammed him. Ace directing the team on how to get into direct contact with a mark using only a flyspy and some matrix perceptions. Ace finally suggesting that a water spirit summon up some fog and push it at the ship to cover their loud approach. Ace also is sure to include the gun POV of him firing on and disabling people on jet-skis. So yea boss, cut that up, blur my buddies and send that to any talent agents looking for a smart-guy, I'm taking the buds to a Russian place in Renton.

[[Scrappenny}} So we dealt with a fellow team and got paid in the long run . especially we dealt with a gang of people who worship gasoline of all things ,Furthermore I got to rig into a ship an be able to control it it was quite fun and a bit unnerving with whatever was lurking below the depths that was a strange and very peculiar situation to be in


That was certainly an exciting run. I wasn't expecting a jet ski - kraken battle. All the burning people on the boat was kind of a nasty smell though, will admit. At least I did a probably moral thing today! I think I was the least murdery person on the team, maybe? It's good to keep trying to fill that role. Can't uh.... slip too far the other way with people I don't know. The temptation is always there. Burning that guy in the escape pod was kind of satisfying I admit. The burning version of me seemed to enjoy it.