Odd Jobs: Smash and Grab

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Odd Jobs: Smash and Grab
LocationApartment in Renton (B-Zone)
Factions Involved


Two runners, a projecting mage, and a stick figure kill a bunch of Flaming Oni gangers to 'extract' a sleeping, naked dwarf from the window of his apartment and turn him over to his former employer.


A Johnson has had a particular dwarf steal something from them. The dwarf then holed up in his apartment guarded by the members of a local gang, the Flaming Onis.

The Meet

Lucky and Poppet, along with a fairly powerful homunculus carrying Kera's telepresence, head over to Everett and get directed by the bartender to a back room where they meet the Johnson, who's on a screen. Told to extract a particular dwarf, the team negotiates a little extra pay for working in a reasonably dicey B-Zone, then quickly leaves with the dwarf's address.

The Plan

With the knowledge of his location, Lucky and Poppet move to her apartment to apply some disguises and then head to the apartment before Kera gets off work.

The Run

However, when they arrive, Kera has her lunch break. She projects to the apartment building and finds the dwarf's room and directs her team there. As Lucky uses his magnetic boots to run up the apartment to the fourth story, Kera's homunculus and Kera's manifested form distracted the Flaming Oni gangers. As the homunculus goes down to shotgun fire, Poppet decides to clean up the gangers with her whip, killing two fairly quickly as Lucky stuns then grabs the dwarf and goes out through the broken window with a parachute. After luckily evading a blast of fire from a ganger's Krime Wave and firing a little back, Lucky and Poppet pile into the Jackrabbit with the (naked) dwarf in the trunk.


The handoff goes smoothly, and the team gets paid without issue.


¥12,000, 4 Karma, 2 CDP

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