Oh the Humanis-ty

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Oh the Humanis-ty
LocationMount Rainier National Park
Factions Involved



Jägerin’s brother has given her information about a Humanis training facility. Jägerin has assembled a group of Humanis-hating runners to take it out.

The Meet

Not much of a meet, just a talk with Jägerin’s brother over DNI for information about the facility.

The Plan

After making it to the facility, the runners split into two groups, Eisenjägerin with Slinger and Roadie with Mozilla, to create an ambush.

The Run

The runners spot a jeep similar to those Jägerin's brother said are used at the facility, and Roadie attempts to follow it stealthily. As it leads the runners to the facility, Roadie’s car is spotted, and he backs off to follow with sensors only. Eventually the jeep stops, and the runners take some time to prepare with spells, drugs and alchemical preparations before approaching. The runners plan an ambush on the six Humanis guards outside of the building, which goes off without much incident. With the application of fireballs, fire punches, plenty of bullets and the destruction of the Humanis decker Jägerin found inside the building's deck and datajack, the guards are defeated. The runners then decide to wait around for a while to see if any more Humanis show up, relaxing on the enchanted couch of +2 comfort they found in the facility and preparing with a few more alchemical preparations, spells and a spirit. Roadie, waiting outside of the building in his car, spots two more Humanis thugs carrying sporting rifles and a deer approaching, and notifies the rest of the team. With this information, the runners set up a new ambush and the thugs are so surprised that they surrender immediately and are tied up.


The couch and recliner of +2 comfort, the deer and the three remaining Humanis are loaded into Roadie’s car, and are taken to Solace. The team blows up the facility with explosives they found inside.


9 karma, +2 Solace rep, -2 Humanis rep and a tasty venison dinner at Solace

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Overall, I'd call this this a highly successful run. We got out of it with no injuries, three prisoners for Solace, the facility destroyed and most importantly, an incredibly comfortable couch. It's always nice to have a simple run, and get to strike a blow against Humanis too.


"So... checklist: Leave Humanis hurting? check, Are metahumans safer now? check, Is the team safe and sound? double check, *scribbled underneath* Did we make some new friends? check, Have barbecue with said friends? triple check... yup, that was a good run"