Old Ghosts

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Old Ghosts
Part of The Crow of Seattle
LocationLoveland, Redmond and Bellevue
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Charon's Nemeses
Casualties and losses
2 Crimson Crush Faction Reputation Hollis Oswald
Initiation Ordeal Run


Charon finishes an old vendetta and gets leads to follow up on her murderous rampage.


Back in 2011, during the initial Awakening and the chaos it caused, Chaon was attacked on the streets during her escort home. A group of opportunists dragged her from her company car and nearly killed her in an alleyway, hospitalizing her and forcing her father to disown her and sever all connections once her infection was discovered. Even after seventy years, she hasn't forgiven that night and has worked tirelessly to make herself someone strong enough to track down and kill every last one responsible.

The Plan

Following up on some leads she remembers and doing meditative exercises to try and remember the night of her assault more clearly, Charon's been feeding what information she could recall to her fixers. Marion, a private ex-Lone Star investigator, Yoon Myung-Ju, a bounty hunter and Agamemnon, someone with ties to syndicates all have their own avenues to tracking down individuals. Finally she got a fresh lead on two individuals: Erik Steward, an ex-East Bay Dragons biker who had goblinized into an ork and joined in the ranks of the Crimson Crush, and Hollis Oswald, a caucasian blonde with an infuriatingly smarmy attitude. After sacrificing her goodwill with the Crimson Crush by contacting the Johnson behind the run Potholderz, to learn that Erik is somewhere in the OU hiding with the Skraacha, she got contacted by Agamemnon who'd tracked a one of her assailant's new identity through a syndicate SIN forger to Charon's own neighbourhood, a care home for the elderly that was a stone's throw from her own apartment. It was Hollis Oswald, one of the scummier individuals even among those on Charon's hit list.

The Run

After feeding off some unfortunate gangers and Novacoke dealers in the backwater of the Barrens, Charon went to get her high-fashion armor clothes dry cleaned and drove back to Bellevue from Loveland where Agamemnon had agreed to give her information about Hollis. She snuck into the care home just as dawn began to break, avoiding the SIN scanners and asking the receptionist for Harold Martin, Hollis' new identity. Catching him in his room asleep, Charon tied him up and woke him up solely to jog his memory. Once he recognized who she was, Charon used her vampiric powers to fill every corner of Hollis' mind with dread and crushed his windpipe to prevent him from screaming for help. With a brutal disemboweling, she'd gotten her quest for revenge a step forward, more than she'd accomplished in the last eleven years.


Quickly taking pictures of the mail that'd come to Hollis over the years, Charon wrote "YOU'RE NEXT" on the wall in Hollis' blood and with the newly gained satisfaction of her darker side, turned into mist to escape through the ventilation system. The letters connected Hollis to Charon's former father, the vice-president of Regency Media who'd become the CEO before the merge with Horizon. These letters could lead her to the other twelve men on her hit list, but for now she'd stew in the satisfaction and wait for the next opportunity.


  • 2 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • Negative Quality: Mild Addiction (Essence Drain)
  • Positive Quality: It Works If You Work It
  • Initiation Grade 2: Enhanced Mist Form

Game Quotes

Player After Action Report (AARs)


He had it coming. I get why he left me alive back then. I was a spoiled, sheltered treasure to Dad. Not like I could've been a threat, not in a million years. He might've been a little careful in the following decade or so, but seventy years later? No way he thought about me for even a second. I'm going to do everything I can to remind them of what they did. Every last one of them that I kill will be a message to the rest that they can't run from me. I'll chase them to the ends of the earth -- and when that's done, me and Dad are going to have words. Claire died that night. I am Charon. And I'm going to drag them all to the afterlife, kicking and screaming.