One night in Neo-Tokyo

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One night in Neo-Tokyo
Part of enemy within
LocationNeo-Tokyo, Japanese Imperial State
Status Threat Level: medium
Factions Involved
Le Bourguinion
Mr. Cromwell
2xAugmented Yakuza
1xAdept Yakuza
1xMage Yakuza
1xOni Yakuza
Casualties and losses
1xAugmented Yakuza 1xMage Yakuza 1xOni Yakuza


Mr. Cromwell daughter takes a trip to Neo-Tokyo. To guarantee her safety, Mr. Cromwell hires runners to protect his daughter without attracting attention. The Runners fly to Neo-Tokyo and quickly realize that some Yakzua are after them. By an unfortunate coincidence, they are able to lure the yakuza into a trap and take them out.


Mr. Cromwell daughter and his wife live in Tir na nOg, and he recently learned that his daughter is on a day trip to Neo-Tokyo. Normally, the two are safe in Tir na nOg, but due to recent events at GDI (Enemy within), Mr. Cromwell is concerned that his daughter may not be safe in Neo-Tokyo. Since his wife and daughter are not at all enthusiastic about him interfering in their lives, Mr. Cromwell hires runners to watch over his daughter in hiding.

The Meet

Both Runners arrive in time for the meeting and are taken by Alexis to Mr. Cromwell on the top floor of the Harrington Hotel. Mr. Cromwell explained the situation (see Background). Shy inquires whether two runners are not too few. Mr. Cromwell listens to this but asks that the runners first drive up in pairs. Shy also offers to have Commander smuggle weapons to Neo-Tokyo. She also suggests that additional firepower be provided through Le Bourguinion. Mr. Cromwell agrees and pays the costs. GDI itself has no active network in Neo-Tokyo. Shy arranges everything with her contacts and delivers the weapons to be smuggled to Commander at the Harrington Hotel. Mr. Cromwell has booked the runners the honeymoon suit in the same hotel (Hon no mushi) where his daughter is staying. He also informs her about the P2.0 account of his elven daughter who has the name Sophia O'Connor and has left for Neo-Tokyo with her elven friend Rina O'Connor and her human friend Lisa Salvor. Mr. Cromwell also sets up a spear account for the Runners.

Kevin picks up the two runners and flies them from Sea-Tac Side Terminal "Number Sixteen" to Neo-Tokyo Haneda Aerospace Port.

The Plan

The Runners were looking for the girls and watching them. No real plan was made. Spontaneous reactions drove the run.

The Run

At the Haneda Aerospace Port, Donnager was able to make his first acquaintance with the NEO-TOKYO METROPOLITAN POLICE (NTMP) after his SIN struck the scanners as odd and she attracted negative attention with her appearance anyway. Shy talked to the police officers and translated Donnager's attempt to talk his way out of afaire. The two of them managed to nerf the two NTMP officers into leaving for breakfast. They made it clear that they never wanted to see the freak Donnager again. Afterwards, the two of them make their way to the hotel by boat and cab. After checking in and verifying that their smuggled stuff has arrived, they search for the girls but can't find them in the hotel. A quick check of Sophia's P2.0 account shows that the girls are on a shopping tour in Shibuya, a shopping mall known for its large fashion selection in Neo-Tokyo. Shy rents a car through the hotel and goes to Shibuya with Donnager to find the girls. Shy waits outside the mall in the car for the girls. Donnager goes inside and watches them hidden. After a while, the girls leave the mall and go to a coffee shop across the street. Both runners also go for a coffee, which they get after the waitress understands that she can't get rid of the funny-looking elf. The two are watching a group of yakuza who are continuously watching the girls at some distance. Shy decides to confront the yakuza with their behavior and goes over to them. She starts a quiet conversation with the yakuza so that everyone can save face. The Yakuza indicate they are only looking at the girls because they find them attractive and then tell Shy to fuck off. Shy then decides to contact the girls directly and warn them about the yakuza. The two elves treated her with maximum condescension. Lisa, on the other hand, seems to take the warning seriously and asks her friends to leave. She also accepts Shy's offer to get her number to get information about safe places in Neo-Tokyo. The three leave the coffee and take a cab. They are closely followed by the yakuza on their motorcycles. Shy and Donnager also follow them and manage to keep up with them thanks to teamwork. But they lose sight of the Yakuza. The girls drive back to the hotel. Donnager takes position in the lobby and Shy goes to her room. After a few minutes Shy receives a call from Mr. Cromwell telling her that he has reconsidered the reinforcement and that another runner should arrive in a few minutes. There is a knock at the door and Rougarou comes in, armed all over with bladed weapons. The girls leave the hotel again and call a cab. Donnager informs Shy and the three runners get ready to follow the girls. They see that the cab is being followed by five yakuza on motorcycles. Thanks to the teamwork of the three runners, Shy as driver, Donnager as scout and Rougarou as navigator, they manage to arrive at a small disco in Minato-Roppongi shortly after the girls and before the yakuza. The girls line up for the disco. The runners are watching the scene. Shy takes position on a nearby flat roof and unpacks her sniper rifle. Then the Yakuza (four humans and one Oni with a huge sword) also get in line and the Runners try to hide from the Yakuza. Donnager is discovered, however, and the Yakuza decide to pursue the strange-looking elf. The yakuza follows Donnager down a side street. In the process, part of the yakuza is surprised by Shy and Rougarou. Shy is able to take out the oni with a well-aimed shot. Rougarou can seriously injure one of the yakuza and then incapacitate him completely with a counter-attack. A Yakuza magician unsuccessfully hurls a lightning spell at Rougarou and the two other Yakuza try to overpower Donnager but land only harmless hits on her armor. Then Shy also takes out the mage and the remaining two Yakuza flee. Unfortunately, the first shot from Shy's gun was heard and a little later the runners hear loud sirens. They decide to leave. The next day, the girls are back at the hotel and, for safety's sake, are escorted in hiding until they reach the airport. The runners then also fly back to Seattle.


Mr. Cromwell is pleased with the outcome of the run. Although it could not be determined why the Yakuza were after the girls, the safety of his daughter was more important to him. Besides, his daughter didn't hear anything and he doesn't have to have a long talk with his wife. Mr. Cromwell also takes the opportunity to make contact with Commander to expand his network to Neo-Tokyo as well.


- 10.000 Nuyen or 20.000 Nuyen in Weapons, Armor, Cyberware and Bioware up to availability 19 (5 RVP)

- 7 Karma (7 RVP)

- 4 CDP (1 RVP)

Optional: Mr. Cromwell (C6 /L 4) (9 RVP)

Optional Quality: Catlike (7 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Shy's report

Report of Operation "Urban Heart" : Contact was made with Mr Cromwell a weapon smuggler that got issue with his family it seems. We had to protect is daughter from any trouble when she was in Neo-Tokyo. Simple mission, we did encounter Yakuza's hitman that were following his daughter and some of her friends. We take an opportunity, set up an ambush and killed most of them. The sole survivor is probably more a good thing than a bad thing, such a violent ambush clearly send a message to anyone that want to strike Mr Cromwell. Now it's on Commander to see if the N-51 should involve much further in weapon smuggling activities.


What the fuck is up with Neo-Tokyo, not allowing guns? Thankfully, Shy had a little gun smuggled in, so we had some useful stuff. The fuckers really didn't like me, too, which was bad luck for some Yakuza when they saw me and followed me into an alleyway. Without my guns, I couldn't really hurt them, but they couldn't hurt me either, and the others picked them off pretty well.

Rougarou I don't have a problem with those who wield the fancier katana and type of weapons like that. but honestly, I prefer the more hefty weight of a nice good claymore which is always handy especially when you break through someone's defenses of a single swing. Of course, I started out with a katana. I think I did my part well with my art of the blade. And glad noting bad happened…even more in neo-tokyo.