Out in the Bayou

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Out in the Bayou
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp Corpsec Goons
Six of Hearts
security guards and Fenrirs


An organization has been contacting behaving runners to take care of some tasks for them and this group appeared to be able to get travel across countries and to destinations that will be difficult for most runners to acquire to get there personally on runs. the job was simple to go into the Bayou and acquire a politician from a safe house and make sure they limit the casualties of the guards as much as possible some may die but overall the runners must try to avoid unnecessary casualties


So a shipping magnate decided a CAS politician has done too much snooping and wants him out, they're in a safehouse in Louisiana because the politician is trying to put a damper on the smuggling capital around here.

Fellow up a run to help some group with moving toward some unknown goal

The Meet

Each of the runners would be contacted by the respectable fixers and asked with checking out a job they would head to the meet and begin negotiation with the Johnson. six of hearts, Nogitsune and Spider, each arrived and talked about the means and how to get the job done. Once more getting Night Runner Nogitsune’s owns to be dropped off as well, for it will be their means to get in and out of the swamps, while Spider did most of the talking with six helping them.

The Plan

Each of the runners began discussing develop how they're going to go about trying to acquire the extraction without being able to fully engage in lethal gunfire. the only drawback is getting there so the runners employ the use of gadgets techniques and well as clever piloting of the night runner. they would easily get past a group of infected who are currently on the Bayou for some insidious reasons that they did not want to engage or get into an altercation with. next, they would run into a bunch of magical alligators that the driver of the ship immediately identify as dangerous and could easily destroy the boat they are in and well leave the runners swimming in alligator-infested water. so with them easily bypassing around them with clever use of edge and panicking during its entire time. they would reach the outer perimeter of the conflicts and where they would engage with the guards each taking out the leaders and making sure to incapacitate all of them. they would employ making sure to drag the guards inside the tower so they're not feasted upon the dangerous alligators going by

The Run

Each of the runners begins to develop a plan. Nogitsune due to having seen this type of setup before identified that he could a few canisters of nerve gas into the ventilation system to take out some of the targets, Six having on hand would give them to the shifter and cloak so he could sneak over, while Spider made sure to do the right calculations that the gas was less than lethal and was making sure to help by distracting the guards a bit. Six being heavy chromed up for a fight waited for the plan to act into a firefight, once they dealt with the inside, the guard started to get wary and began to move in, with Six opening on one of the awakened creatures knocking it out and Nogitsune leaving a flashbang at the now opened door for a little trick, later on, Six moves into the middle of the complex and engage the guards once they open the door with fully automatic suppressing fire, while Spider and Nogitsune grab the VIPs and Spider nuked the wall out of the back for them to flee, with Six leaving a few flashbangs to keep the guards busy as the team fallback to the night runner.

Now comes the problem of getting out of there with the enemy could easily chase them down, they would start to speed off and reach the magical gators were quick thinking of the fox would give up his small horde of Krill sandwiches to keep the gators busy, while the others runners thought that was weird and with help from the infected who are not a threat to the runner, due to talking from both six and spider, found out which target was the real one out of the 3. 2 were body doubles and the main one.


The runners would arrive at the place and meet the J where they would begin to unload the now captured three so-called politicians. one is the main target and the other two are body doubles. The J would shoot the politicians in the leg and Spider would know that wound would heal without any ill effect. All of the runners agree, better not ask any questions, get paid, and enjoyed the ride back home.


22K nuyen (11 rvp) or 44K in (Foci, Weapons, Electronics that 'fell off a ship') 7 Karma 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

    • Nogitsune**: It brought back a few old memories I used to be an assassin running around the cast doing a few jobs and executing you know politicians or things like that. it was definitely an interesting return to warmer environments but overall the job has proven stressful and I had to push myself to further so my abilities being able to pilot a watercraft while I prefer ground vehicles to those across the surface of liquid bodies. Six and Spider prove to be very capable at their skills both of them are trained in the use of combat and while last they're supporting and necessary skills. it wasn't for their advantages and their unique cybernetics and magic from spider we would have likely not been able to complete the run without heavy amounts of injuries or casualties due to the opposition we were going against


That was some good practice... but I definitely do not want to go swimming with those creatures. Damn things could have bit me in half. The job went well, with a quick and seamless execution, as expected of Nogitsune and Spider.