Out of The Walls

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Out of The Walls
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The Total Psychos
Hot Mess
Spider Shaman
Big Bastard
Many Grunt-level Gangers
Casualties and losses
5 Grunts, Spider Shaman


Four runners take out a building of gangers on the behest of bug spirits. Fighting through spirits and harebrained traps, the team cleans it out and defangs the gang.


Ellen "Sister" Sharps wants to expand her little 'family operation' to the surface so she can barter more efficiently with actual people. Unfortunately one of the few decent buildings in a less-deadly neighbourhood with a connection to the underground is currently inhabited by a pesky gang.

The Meet

The team gathers in an alley, where one of Ellen's watcher spirits lead them to a meeting spot underground to encounter Stephen, one of her trusted brothers. He explains the basic gist of the job, and, somewhat confused, agrees quite easily to an increase from ¥10,000 to ¥18,000 thanks to Moth's guileful charm.

The Plan

The team sneaks to the vicinity of the building, following the address. They recognize the area as the territory of the small-but-infamously-violent Total Psychos. They (from the 'safety' of their vehicles) find their territory quite small, only a couple of blocks, and witness first hand the Psychos' tendency to wield improvised melee weapons, walking around with everything from chains to chairs. Moth, creeping in an RPC cloak, investigates the target building directly, finding a narrow three-storey building with a basement, formerly used for housing. The team, pessimistic about the prospect of negotiating with a gang called the Total Psychos, resolves to take the building by force, leaving their vehicles outside Psychos territory to approach under the cover of night.

The Run

The team quickly penetrates the perimeter of the building, shooting up the one ganger on the ground floor. Hot Mess charges upstairs while Flak begins gassing the basement. Skadi, hanging back, is attacked by a spider spirit, but disrupts it with APDS from her sniper rifle. Flak and Moth (currently hiding under her RPC cloak) notice the gas not welling up, indicating surprising amounts of underground space. Hot Mess engages with a few of the gangers upstairs, and Flak along with Moth begin following him. Skadi covers the back, and the team clears the next two floors, fighting through shotgun-wielding Psychos and a few more spider spirits. Pursuing them to the roof, Hot Mess notices a trap rigged to the door, and circumvents it by opening it very slowly. This, however, gives the last remaining Psycho the time to trigger it manually, sending a careening barrel towards the stairway. Skadi, however, intercepts it successfully, somewhat winded by the impact. The stay-behind is, of course, killed quickly, and the team controls the building, at least for the moment.

Moth, concerned about the potential for further astral attacks, calls up The Steward, and pays him ¥500 to sweep the location for astral presences. Clear for now, the team is surprised by the approach of a Psychos vehicle, which Flak manages to drive away with a high-explosive minigrenade. Eventually, the Psychos' leader, Big Bastard, approaches to parley, but Moth and Flak give no ground and he leaves in a huff. The Psychos then deploy their big gun, an ex-Spiders mage and her spirit, who the Steward warns of before leaving. Projecting and manifesting in, they begin negotiations from a stronger position, but are attacked and eliminated by an unperceived astral force, dying instantly. The team receives their escrow, and as cockroaches begin filtering in from underground, make a stealthy exit from the neigbourhood.


A family of cockroaches now controls a 'storefront' in the Redmond barrens, and the Total Psychos are probably not going to be around much longer.


¥18,000 , 4 Karma , 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Moth here! This was my 41st run. I can't say I'm entirely proud of working for these Cockroach folks, but they sure pay well. And they seem pretty powerful. And society is surely better off with orderly bug shaman than chaotic violent gangers who are just randomly killing people. Right? Maybe? But that's how it works. You take a job, you see the job done. My professional reputation depends on it, and papa's as my fixer. This group had the skills to get the job done.


Flak "We got the job done, I shot a grenade at a car, and we completed the mission.. I think.. I passed out after the building was cleared so.. I got paid so I assume we completed the mission, and the team.. I would work with them again. We worked pretty fraggin well together


...More bug spirits. At this rate, it looks like Seattle's infested with them. Team was nice, though. Flak seems to be really unlucky, in addition to the usual Haven runner weirdness.