Over The Hedge

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Over The Hedge
LocationThe Streets of Seattle
Factions Involved
Trash Panda
Knight Errant


Trash Panda, Mickey, Twitch, and Poppet group together to help out Rocket Raccoon and his group of bandits acquire a new base of operations as well as a vehicle for less than legal transportation. The crew settles on setting him up at Hunt's Point, Bellevue as well as giving him an Ares Roadmaster as a vehicle. When getting the Dryad's of Hunt's Point to let Rocket live their they ran into a little bit of trouble due to Twitch, but they opened up when Trash Panda have a heart-felt speech from personal experiences.

After that, they went to grab an Ares Roadmaster from a KE Depot. The plan was solid, and everything was going well for the theft except for the fact that once they thought they were home free an Ares Dragon showed up sporting heavy weapons. Some quick magic and good driving kept them all alive, and TP as well as Poppet's shooting kept scared off the Dragon leading them to make a clean getaway from KE.


After Rocket Raccoon and his posse had been threatened to be killed off by exterminators going through their hide out, he sought out the help of the Shadowhaven to get him a new place to stay as well as a vehicle to move his stuff, as well as keep.

The Meet

The first to arrive on site of the meet was Trash Panda, who found the establishment they were supposed to meet at closed. After some investigating they found a raccoon in the dumpster, decked out in cybernetics with a rifle on him. Turns out to have been the Johnson, much to the rest of the teams surprise when they arrived. After everyone was acquainted with the Johnson, one Rocket Raccoon, he gave the team their Job. He and his group of 150 or so bandits have been run out of their home by exterminators. In order to maintain his business he required new lodging and suitable transportation to conduct business. He gave them a few options on where he wanted to settle down and where to grab a vehicle and told them the pay was based on the quality of both.

The Plan

After some discussion among the group, they eventually settled on settling Rocket Raccoon's group in Hunt's Point, Bellevue. It was planned to be a water park before it was abandoned, and now served as a kind of spirit and animal preserve watched by Dryads. The crew's plan was to have Poppet talk them into letting Rocket set up on the premise.

As for the vehicle, the crew decided they wanted big bucks for that one. They set their sights on an Ares Roadmaster held in an Knight Errant repair depot. Their plan was simple, acquire forged KE uniforms, burner sins and paperwork. Then TP would sneak on site and install a datatap on a camera to get Twitch access to the host. Then, Poppet and Twitch would enter and con the depot into giving them the Roadmaster. After they get on the road, they'd get the rest of the squad in the vehicle, and then have Mickey disable the tracker in the vehicle while Trash Panda was Astral Lookout. After that they'd con the radioman into thinking they'd be coming back and make off with the transport.

The Run

Before the rest of the team could arrive to Hunt's Point to negotiate, Twitch tore off to the location driving fast and recklessly. When the rest of the team met with him and proceeded, there were many wolf spirits that were quite unhappy with his driving and ended up ripping off his bumper and urinating on his car. He chased them off but the damage was done. The crew came to the meet on their back-foot, already having angered the Dryads and spirits some. They were wise to the crew's tactics of using pheromones to influence them, and were not keen on letting Rocket Raccoon set up there. So instead of Poppet negotiating, Trash Panda stepped forward, and gave a personal and heartfelt speech about change and second chances to change the minds of the Dryads. This touching moment brought the party to give them hugs after- Except Mickey.

Then what came next was the con for the Ares. The team regrouped, having secured a safe location for Rocket Raccoon and made their way to the Depot. Before the Poppet and Twitch get to the location, properly disguised and in a stealthed vehicle, Trash Panda used their invisibility and levitation to bypass the barb wire fence and install the datatap easily. Then she made her way out and regrouped with Mickey at TP's Funone before Twitch and Poppet arrived. Their disguises and paperwork held up, and they were able to acquire the Roadmaster with ease. After some time on the road and them being far enough Mickey went ahead and uninstalled as well as removed the Roadmaster's Tracker. With a little know-how the vehicle kept running perfectly fine afterwards. Things were a bit bumpy for the woman but everything went well. KE called the Roadmaster, asking about problems. Some fast talk from Poppet made it so they weren't terribly suspected, but regardless KE sent a Ares Dragon as escort. After a tense moment the crew decides to fight it off. But then they realize the chopper has a humongous sniper rifle, and multiple other weapons on it. With an urgency TP gave Twitch a magical boost, made them unhittable. After some deft driving maneuvers the chopper was getting farther behind, but still firing it's huge sniper at the party. TP, Poppet, and Mickey had planned to fire at it's sensors and rotors to slow it down and impair it without having it cause mass civilian casualties. Opening the door, Poppet fired at the chopper landing a couple hits. Directly after, TP fired a shot directly at it's sensors, disabling them. Immediately after, the chopper peels off, retreating from the fight after tearing up the Ares with rounds. The party realizes they probably used a tracker on the Roadmaster and threw down a jammer until they got to a place to transfer the vehicle over.


Rocket Raccoon was happy with his new ride and locale so much so that he offered his services to the runners, which all took him up on the offer. The upgrade had made his job easier to pull off.


  • ¥20,000
  • 5 Karma
  • Option to buy Rocket Raccoon as a 2/2 contact
  • Players who did used run as justification to increase Rocket's connection to 3 using CDP.

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I still can't believe they don't install rigs in these darn vehicles. Run would've been over if I could've just rigged the thing with no need for bullets. Still, TP, that spell was awesome! We need to get together and do that again. I haven't driven that well before in my life, outside of rigging. Heck, I bet I could give Tanuki a run for his money with that kind of juice behind me! Anyway, glad Rocket has a nice place and hope he enjoys that sweet, armored ride. Not as good as Baby of course, but still nice...


That went pretty well. I'm surprised TP has such deep thoughts on the subject of change, she seemed really connect to Rocket's story. I may be generalizing here, but I think it's probably the raccoon connection. It's... kind of concerning, really, that those dryads just have a hold right in the middle of Bellevue, like, there could be spirit enclaves basically anywhere in the city. And we mundanes can't even see them! Pretty smart of them to check my pheromonal distance, too. It's a pretty solid operation, really. I wish I had that kind of organisational skill, we'd be running the shadows by now, probably.

Pretty cool that we yoinked an entire armored car, getting one over on KE isn't like, a fuzzy feeling, but it's definitely a nice accomplishment to put down. This seems like another run where the mojo really outperformed my projections, I should revise it. It seems like the haven is home to plenty of big guns, at least in terms of the resonance and the manasphere.


No matter the age or year, shit's still gotta have wires. Ares' stuff is damn tough I'll give them that. I Should probably upgrade my rifle with one of theirs. I was also surprised by how much of a hassle they gave us over the damn struck. It's fuckin 50k, yeah, but now those asshole have to fix up the highway they shredded with that damn chopper.

But I gotta admit, guys I ran with are some skilled fuckers. I've only ran in this place once or twice but damn do they have some moves. I've got to expand my skill repertoire if I'm gonna keep up.

Trash Panda

What a heist. Stealing a KE cruiser? Damn we're good. Shame I didn't think to disguise us before we flipped off the tracker, but Twitch was a good enough driver to keep us safe. I can't believe they opened fire on us on a freeway like that. That was frustrating, most of what we could throw at them would escalate things. It was a damn lucky shot that I took out its sensors, blinding the pilot without causing the whole thing to come crashing down.

I am not going to talk about what I said to those Dryads.