Pacific Cybernetics Incorporated

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Pacific Cybernetics Incorporated
"Building a better future with chrome and cast-iron"
TypeA Rating Tech Company
Player May JoinNo
Area of OperationSeattle, formerly Vancouver

Faction Information


An A-rated cybertech corp specializing in used and lower-end cybertechnology. Desperately afraid of the next corporate audit, as they're not doing great.


Survive the next corporate audit

Find a niche in the extremely competitive cybertechnology industry that can't be taken away by a larger corp

Make money

Major Locations



A small cybertech firm founded in Vancouver, they migrated their headquarters to Seattle during the "business-friendly" Brackhaven administration. This proved to be a poor decision, as they struggled to draw in employees in the vast metroplex's competitive talent pool, and any gains from lower taxes were wiped out by losses in the employee pool as rivals like Evo worked to snipe all the most talented engineers and scientists. They found themselves sitting on a core of outdated hardware experts, outclassed by some of the world's best cybertech and biotech firms in the rainy city.

So they adjusted. No longer a R&D-heavy firm, they shifted their focus to cybernetics repair and lower-end products. Instead of using deniable assets to learn about their competitor's new products and trying to emulate them, they would use that knowledge to know where they were going to be losing money to their competitors and what fields they would need to compensate in. It was a desperate business strategy, one that hemorrhaged investors and depends on them not being boxed in by their competitors.



Current Status

Doing rather poorly. They've weathered the last few corporate audits without losing their A-rating, but it's been a close call.

Health Summary



Nikki Nielsen2LegworkPCI service representative



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