Party Quarrel

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Party Quarrel
Part of Cross Flight Love Fight
The Aftermath
LocationRenton, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III
Former CATco CorpSec, Knight Errant
King Beef
Eric Payne Boombox
Former Seraphim Assassin
CorpSec Bodyguards
Security Troubleshooter
Cecelia Cross
Knight Errant officers
Casualties and losses
Former Seraphim Assassin, 2x CorpSec Bodyguards, Security Troubleshooter 2x Knight Errant officers, 1 Knight Errant patrol vehicle
It all went wrong. Everything went wrong. It was GLORIOUS


Brodie J is bitter after a bad breakup, sends Shadowrunners to ruin a party. Which they do, along with the house, CorpSec and themselves.


Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III and his girlfriend Cecelia Cross broke up last week due to Brodie J being a fuck up and a jerk. Caring more about partying than anyone else. The breakup was very public and she dumped his ass a few days before what was supposed to be THE party of Q1 2082. Brodie J doesn't appreciate being excluded from parties, but due to Cecelia's familial connections, couldn't do anything directly to her. But he remembered a family heirloom that Cecelia was proud of. As such he went to the shadows, bringing together a group that he thought would be able to do the heist.

The Meet

Brodie J invites the runners to E-Vue, a brand new club in Renton that was celebrating it's grand opening. The runners arrived to the meet without much issue after being alerted to this job by their respective Fixers. There are dozens of people outside the club, trying to get in and dancing to the pounding music that is pouring out onto the street. The runners are waved over by a silent Ork woman who leads them into the meet, taking her place beside a second Ork, this one a man, who is dressed identically. The man mutters something into his wrist and Brodie J, who is currently being lifted on a glass platform over the dancing crowd, is alerted to the presence of the runners. He leaves the dance floor and greets the runners, offering them a wide variety of drugs in order to celebrate "the new friendships being made." Brodie also indicates that he is a fan of King Beef's boxing career, and gets a selfie with the Minotaur.

After most of the runners are good and high, Brodie J tells them that there was a rough breakup between him and his girlfriend, and because of that he's going to be missing the big party that she's throwing at her family's manor. As such, he wants them to sneak into the manor and steal a statue of a building, something important to her. He initially offers the runners 12k Nuyen for the job. He then offers an additional 4k if the runners manage to ruin the party, so long as they don't kill any of the party-goers.

The Plan

The runners hang out with Brodie J at E-Vue for awhile, but eventually head to Boombox's place in order to complete their plans. Through Matrix searches, Oathbane finds that the person they are targeting isn't just some CorpoKid, but rather Cecelia Cross, a distant relation and employee of the Cross Applied Technologies family. She finds out the party is meant to be a "Late New Years" party. She also goes to the manor's location in the grid, and finds a Rating 5 Host. Taking her time to get a mark on the host and enter it, she finds several files as well as Patrol IC looking for intruders. Oathbane manages to find a list of vault contents and disables the databomb on it, taking a copy for themselves. Moving onto the guestlist, Oathbane this time does not see the databomb before attempting to edit the file, and ends up being forcefully ejected from the Matrix and suffering dumpshock, knocking her out and alerting the host that there was an intrusion.

Meanwhile, Mystique spends her time attempting to infiltrate socially. Calling in a favor with her fixer Ether, Mystique gets herself added to the guest list as a last-minute entertainer and gets a flamboyant magician's outfit in order to draw as much attention to herself as possible.

Oathbane eventually wakes up with a splitting headache, reviewing the list of items within the vault, they find the centerpiece is a 1/100th scale model of the Cross Applied Technologies building. The team gathers themselves, ready to perform this heist.

The Run

Mystique arrives at the gates of Cecelia Cross' manor at 6PM, and gives her Fake SIN over to be scanned. The scanner is a little slow to respond, but doesn't report any immediate issues. Mystique is let in and brings her bike up to the house. Entering the manor she sees Cecelia Cross yelling at a party planner who is extremely stressed. Mystique casts Incubus in order to become more friendly with those that she interacts with. Gathering some information, Mystique learns that the vault is downstairs, accessibly only from a bookcase that will slide out of the way with the press of a button.

Around 7PM the runners begin, Oathbane reenters the host after several attempts, and hides from both the Patrol IC and the Spider that is now watching the host for any intruders. Entering a complex form in order to pause the accruing of Overwatch, Oathbane waits for the signal to start doing things.

While King Beef stays outside and watches over Oathbane, Boombox sneaks around the fence to find a good spot to use his miniwelder. Eventually cutting a hole in the electric fence. The CorpSec guards that are watching the fence approach the hole and try and find the intruder, but between Improved Invisibility and Ruthenium Polymer Coating, Boombox is able to sneak past the guards and make their way to the window of the study.

Mystique begins her performance, summoning up intense illusions to draw attention towards her rather than the heist that is currently going on, and signals the rest of the team that she will cover them while they do the run.

This is where is all starts to go wrong.

Oathbane, waiting in the host, searches out the window's icon, and tries to get a mark on it, however the host's firewall continually rebuffs the hacker's advances, and her attempt to hide from the Spider while hacking fails and she is discovered. The two Matrix-users begin to combat, the Spider striking with a dataspike, and landing damage, locking the Technomancer into the Matrix and into a deadly battle as Biofeedback is clearly being used. Oathbane summons a Fault Sprite in order to aid her fight against the Spider, and between the two of them, struggle admirably against the Security specialist, but is eventually sent spiraling out of the matrix and suffering dangerous dumpshock. Almost dying were it not for the Plant Spirit of King Beef casting Regenerate on them.

Since the window remains locked, Boombox uses a crowbar to pry the window open, forcing it triggers the silent alarm and Knight Errant are alerted to their presence on the premises. Additionally, the internal security that is not distracted by Mystique begins to move, working to secure the house in order to prevent anyone who might have gotten in from getting out. Boombox slips through the secret bookcase door and manages to unlock the maglock holding the door closes, slipping into the basement. Meanwhile, Mystique, seeing that she is in danger starts to formulate a plan. She masks herself as Cecelia and approaches the guards, successfully getting many of them to leave the house, before the head of security, a former Seraphim agent attempts to take "Cecelia" to the safe room. Hoping to score a cheap shot and run away, Mystique uses the Nerve Strike power to attempt to paralyze the bodyguard. However it doesn't immediately knock her out and she turns, pulling out a weapon and firing at Mystique, succeeding in downing the shadowrunner, once again saved by King Beef's plant spirit.

Knight Errant begins to arrive and Oathbane, now back awake, drives away from the crime scene, narrowly managing to escape KE notice. Meanwhile King Beef sprints down the driveway towards the manor, breaking through the wall and engaging the Seraphim agent in combat. At this disturbance, the rest of the internal security rushes in to try and handle the charging minotaur. Mystique manages to get up and try to sneak out, only to be stopped and subdued by KE, who put plasteel restraints on her before bringing them to her car. Boombox calls in a cropdusting drone loaded with tear gas to try and blanket the area of the manor. Boombox also discovers a laser grid that is between him and the vault, and attempts to dance his way through it, triggering two auto-turrets that open fire on the thief. Spending the time to take out one of the turrets, Boombox is then knocked unconscious by the second.

King Beef, having successfully murdered the Seraphim agent and two members of the internal CorpSec, turns his ire towards the Knight Errant forces that have arrested his teammate. Using his jetpack in order to launch himself into the air and lands on the patrol vehicle that Mystique is in, punching through the engine and causing the car to crash, damaging the already battered Mystique and killing the two Knight Errant officers inside the car.

King Beef takes Mystique and runs back inside the manor as the rest of the security forces back off while waiting for an HTR team to arrive. King Beef continues to use the jet pack, causing the manor to catch fire. Picking up Boombox as well, King Beef uses a Spirit of Air to carry them away from the manor and to safety before punching through the vault door, killing the Security Troubleshooter attempting to steal the Cross Applied Technologies scale model the runners had been hired to steal, and then got out before raging and destroying much of the forest, including setting it on fire.

Boombox's drone eventually arrives at the manor's ground and is very quickly shot down by Knight Errant.


Once King Beef works off the drug crash that turned him into a rampaging bull, he contacts Brodie J and meets the young Johnson back at E-Vue, offering the boxer another round of drugs, but this time KB refuses. Handing over the model, King Beef receives the group's payment, along with a warning from Brodie J that most of the runners are now wanted and have a bounty placed upon them.

Crimes to justify Wanted below:

King Beef
  • Breaking and Entering (1 count)
  • Destruction of Property (1 count)
  • Murder in the 2nd Degree (6 counts)
  • Attempted Murder (80 counts)
  • Destruction of Security Contractor Property (1 Count)
  • Assaulting an officer (2 counts)
  • Arson (1 Count)
  • Operating without System Identification Number (1 Count)
  • Unlicensed use of Magic (1 Count)
  • Reckless Endangerment (1 Count)
  • Trespassing on private property (1 Count)
  • Resisting Arrest (1 count)
  • Assault (15 counts)
  • Ownership of a false System Identification Number (1 Count)
  • Entering a premises under false pretenses (1 count)
  • Unlicensed use of Magic (6 counts)
  • Operating without System Identification Number (1 Count)
  • Assault (1 count)
  • Being an accessory to murder (6 counts)
  • Resisting arrest (1 count)
  • Operating without System Identification Number (1 count)
  • Breaking and Entering (1 count)
  • Destruction of property (3 counts)
  • Trespassing on private property (1 count)
  • Being an accessory to murder (6 counts)


  • 2 CDP
  • 16k Nuyen (8 RVP)
  • 2 Karma (2 RVP)
  • Optional 3/3 contact (Alexander-James Broderick Johnson III, aka Brodie J): Drug addict, party animal and CorpKid. (5 RVP)
  • For Mystique, Boombox, and King Beef: Wanted: 50,000 Nuyen by Seattle Knight Errant, 1 Public Awareness, 1 Notoriety
  • Mystique's R4 Fake SIN is burned

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I have learned nothing from my actions, it was a great plan that was only foiled because matrix stuff went badly. What I learned is that next time I do a show I should make sure that I have even more powerful illusions! Be sure to come down to Mystique's Most Wanted Bonanza staring King Beef when I next appear on the news!

Oathbane:I learned that i may need to run away, then thinking i can take on the world all by myself...the pride of youth and i thanks KIng Beef was able to pull me away from the reaper and so i can keep living my life. Mystique, yeah did pretty good during the show i have to say.