Pilot's on Crack, Engines on the Lord

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Pilot's on Crack, Engines on the Lord
Part of Clear Skies
LocationSeattle-Tacoma International Airport
Factions Involved
Jenny Glitz
Sora Ozaki


Maxwell hired four Haven runners to troubleshoot a drone and replace a few parts. Things didn't go as quite as he expected.

The Meet

K9 picks the group up and drives to meet Maxwell just outside the Sea-Tac flight line security gate, where he issues them burner SINs, their pay, and hearing protection before taking them to the air defense drone hangar. He explains that they've been having some problems with one of the drones, a re-branded NeoNet Avenging Angel, and requests that the team take a look at it and replace a several components with ones that he has supplied. Pell recognizes these as the parts taken during the previous night's MCT warehouse raid.

The Run

Upon inspection, Sc4rl3tt can see a resonance watermark consisting of the word HATE scratched into the drone over and over again. K9's technosense determines that technomancer abilities are affecting the drone and eventually determines that there is a technomancer nearby. Jenny Glitz finds three marks and backtraces the owner to a Renraku hangar on the opposite side of the flight line, dataspiking them immediately.

The response from the target indicates that the technomancer is submerged in a dissonant stream. Both Jenny Glitz and the technomancer drop offline. Jenny informs Maxwell, who attempts to blow off her concerns with reassurances that he'll contact the proper authorities and do something about it later. Jenny leaves the airport, while K9 sprints down the flightline in order to investigate the hangar, which opens up to reveal a departing Renraku AWACS and little else.

K9, being chased around by airport security, attempts to start her car to leave, but it catches on fire. Maintenance crews put it out and Sora Ozaki calls her a tow truck. With Maxwell becoming increasingly annoyed, Sc4rl3tt and Pell replace the components and re-calibrate the navigation system, but Sc4rl3tt notices something odd about the drone's icon and isolates the change to one of the circuit cards. With everything appearing to be fixed and the technomancer's marks gone, she pockets the suspicious customized avionics card and leaves with K9 and Pell.


K9's car was towed to the mechanics, who couldn't really find anything obviously wrong with it. Sora informed the crew via Ojou that they are banned from the airport based on visual recognition and that they have security footage of them. Sc4rl3tt is in possession of one stolen heavily customized avionics circuit card.


  • 10,000 Nuyen
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So that's what Maxwell was getting the parts for. Repair had some hiccups, but I think it went okay in the end. Still scratching my head as to why MCT had a cyberdeck built into avionics hardware. Hope Scarlett finds out. Anyway, we (actually just Jenny) found a Renraku technomancer who was sabotaging the drone in the first place.

I'm getting a feeling that someone has to deal with the 'mancer at some point.

Also, guess I'm stuck here until I get my name cleared.

Note to self: Don't let K9 touch my stuff if I can help it.


For the first time using a cyberdeck on anything other than on practice programs, it went just about as expected. I feel as if I had been faster, we could have taken the technomancer out before anything happened, but it didn't happen. Just gonna hope someone puts a price on their head and then sends me the contract.