Plushie Wars

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Plushie Wars
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Camila "Novicio" Sanchez
Onotari Arms (S-K) Head Hunters
Heart of the Tempest
4xSecurity Guards 2xRanged Combat Specialists
1xF9 Fire Spirit
Casualties and losses
Mage, Fire Spirit


The Runners are hired by Camila to kill some Lofwyr Plushies. However, Tempest is shadowed by bounty hunters who want to secure a fat booty and burst in during the run. Against all odds, the runners manage to blow up the Lofwyr Plushies.


Camila is informed by her boss that she is responsible for the short-term sales of Kukulkan plushies in Seattle. Since the year is almost over, she doesn't have many options left to counteract. Fortunately, things don't look too bad. However, a new Lofwyr plushie version will be available in Seattle in time for Christmas. Camila therefore decides to hire some runners to give the annoying competition a hot reception in Seattle.

The Meet

The meeting will be held at Purple Haze as usual for Camila. She is a bit surprised because ChromeDome shows up 30 minutes earlier and is there before her. But she can calm down after reading her notes on "how to hire runner". After the other runners arrive (Tempest noticed a strange drone on the way and did some loops), Camila reports her little problem with the Plushies and asks the runners to remove the delivery of the new Lofwyr version or permanently damage there reputation. She can tell the Runners the warehouse where the Plushies are stored. However, she has overlooked the fact that the facility (a converted underground parking garage in a Tacoma high-rise) primarily serves Onotari Arms as a warehouse for explosives and military explosives. The runners accept the job.

The Plan

The team drives to the site and Tempest looks at the facility in astral space but encounters a Ward she can't see through. She is approached by a fire spirit. He is not part of the building security but belongs to a group of bounty hunters who are currently pursuing Tempest. The fire spirit asks Tempest what she is doing here to get some information. Tempest therefore decides to retreat. Due to her lack of knowledge, the fire spirit's behavior does not seem strange to her. The team decides to occupy an abandoned building across the street with three floors and to turn off the sensors at the target building with magic to lure the security into the open. None of the runners notice that the bounty hunters also sneak into the building a short time later after they had attached some fragmentation grenades to ChromeDome's vehicle as a precaution.

The Run

While Tempest turns off the sensors and the building is automatically sealed off for safety, Vortigern hides nearby to slip into the building at a good opportunity to plant her bombs. When some guards rush out of the building and immediately open fire on the opposite building, the bounty hunters decide to strike as well. An explosion destroys the door ChromeDome is leaning against and the fire spirit from before appears in the room with Tempest and ChromeDome. Tempest is able to take him out very quickly and ChromeDome makes short work of the bounty mage. However, the two other bounty hunters can give ChomeDome some trouble. At the same time another guard storms out of the building where the Plushies are stored and Vortigern manages to sneak in. She follows the trail of open doors and can finally find an S-K container in the storage area. However, there are also large amounts of explosives to be seen. Vortigern therefore activates her bombs, opens the container and places them among the Plushies. Afterwards she makes her way through the ceiling over a building wall back into the open and runs as fast as she can to ChromeDome's roadmaster. During this Tempest decides that it is time to run away as well. With a loud banshee scream, she parries the onrushing guards and the two remaining bounty hunters. She uses a Levitate Spell to transport ChromeDome, who is also paralyzed, and runs to ChromeDome's roadmaster. When Vortigern opens the Roadmaster, the fragment grenades explode. The runners get some bruises but the vehicle remains undamaged and thanks to magical help they manage to disappear into the night before KE security forces appear.


Looks like Camila might be able to protect her numbers for the holiday season.


  • 14.000 Nuyen (7 RVP)
  • 11 Karma (11 RVP)
  • 6 CDP (2 RVP)


  • Camila "Novicio" Sanchez (C3 L3) (5 RVP)


  • Astral Chameleon (10 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Heart of the Tempest

Heh... heheheh. A job to destroy plushies. Adorable little fucking Lofwyr plushies. So my job was to blow up a lot of things and be loud while Vortigern snuck in and did the job. Some guys snuck up on us while we were exploding things, however, but I tore the fire spirit to shreds while Chrome beheaded the mage, and we held our own until I screamed and took 'em out. Um, and Chrome. But I levitated him back to the car, which had a frag grenade stuck to it, unfortunately, but we managed to get away.