Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter

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Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter
LocationFormer CATco site, Quebec
Result The Team rescued the girl, the cure, the research and the honor of her father.
Factions Involved
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Toxic Pollution
Units involved
Monad drones
Toxic spirits
Rating 8 host
UV host in the lab itself
Casualties and losses
None Three toxic spirits
One security fence
A wide open biohazard


The ShadowHaven team is hired to recover the bodies of the Johnson's departed husband and daughter, along with any information about their final days. The site is an old research facility that has been closed as a biohazard for the last 10 years and guarded by fencing, sensors, drones and toxic spirits. The run needs to occur before the current corp owners restart whatever research was going on here.

Upon entry, the team discovers that the Johnson's daughter had contracted a rare Aztechnology biotoxin and the Johnson's husband had installed her in this facility to find a cure for the toxin. That is the facility's sole purpose. The daughter has been jacked into a UV host since before Crash 2.0 while the lab has automatically tried cure after cure on her. Her father was monitoring when the Crash started to erupt from the Boston Stock Exchange and only had time to insert his own brain as the firewall to protect the lab and his daughter. In the years since, the lab has developed a cure but the daughter has remained in the UV host.

The runners breached the lab, safely got her disconnected and back into the meat world, recovered her father's body and story, retrieved the cure developed for her, copied the research data from the computer, and delivered the living daughter and deceased husband to the Johnson.


Evo is the AAA corp formerly known as Yamatetsu, who purchased the biotechnology division of Cross Applied Technology (CATco) in the fallout of the Matrix Crash 2.0. In particular, Evo purchased this biohazard site.

The Meet

The Team gathered in a bar in Downtown Seattle with stained oak wood accents to meet Miss Johnson in the early morning as the sun rises. The target site is a former CATco biowaste site in Quebec, but Evo is ramping up their investment within the next two weeks. The Johnson wants the Team to retrieve the bodies of Mable Galloway (her daughter) and Johnny Galloway (her husband) with delivery to her in Seattle.

The Team settles on 10,000 nuyen up front, plus suits of Urban Explorer with chemseal and a overland driver.

The Legwork

According to the Johnson, the two subjects were last in a special medical unit in Basement 4 of the facility.

The site has a mega-RCC running a large number of drones. The mega-RCC is run by a monad and can jump in a number of monads into each of the drones in a pinch.

The facility has a Rating 8 host.

Gendarmerie is a subsidiary of Lone Star in Quebec.

Evo is one of the few corps to recognize and incorporate Free Spirits into their security.

Biotoxins on site include anthrax, chimera viruses and military-grade fecal matter.

The only records of Mable and Johnny Galloway are their names on a larger memorial.

Miss Galloway (the Johnson) was an CATcom computer specialist and went into a niche between Matrix security and biotoxins with Ares after the acquisition.

On-site there a monowire fence on the perimeter with a Shpagina Evo-2 (drone-on-rails with big guns), Evo Crocodiles, flying Rogues and stationed Bumblebees.

There are Plague and Abomination Spirits (Force 3) on-site and a warded room/zone underground.

Crosley assessed the site Psionically. Voxel literally hacked through the jungle in the Matrix. Steel took a jog around the perimeter. Captain Freefall took French lessons from a local troll-ess.

The Run

The Team was based locally in a really run-down bar called "Le Resistance" as set up by Miss Johnson.


The Team hired a local driver and borrowed an old Ecovan from the local runner commune. He'll babysit the van and the two sealed caskets.


The full Team needs to be inserted. Voxel garbled the sensor inputs from the wire fence, shut down some lights, scrambled the drone patterns, and will edit the camera images on the fly (burning a point of Edge). Steel cut through the fence and Dandy tackwelded it back in place behind them.


Inside, there is a large metal door with "BIOHAZARD" written across it that Dandy melted with smart corrosives. Captain Freefall and Steel pound the inner door into submission while Voxel discovers that the ancient Matrix equipment is still operating and two turrets are about to shut down.

Mable is found on a hospital bed, still alive. The body of Johnny is found with the burnt-out datajack of Crash victims. Crosley assessed Mable (malnutrition, no implants, muscular entropy). Captain Freefall disconnected Mable from the medical equipment and UV host. Steel tossed the vial with the cure to Dandy. Voxel couldn't resist downloading the treasure trove of research information and discovered that Johnny used his brain as a firewall for the "vault" to protect it from Crash 2.0. Several toxic spirits heard the Team and turned to investigate. Most of the "vault" was warded, so the spirits can only come in through the front door and Crosley placed a manabarrier to block that entrance. Captain Freefall, Crosley, and Voxel took out the initial pack of spirits. Steel is giving Mable a biohazard shower and dressed in a biohzard suit, then washed the corpse of Johnny and dressed in another suit. Voxel dis

Dandy is in the lead with the vial. Captain Freefall has Mable. Steel has the corpse of Johnny. Voxel has the data.

Transfer happened on the west side of Toronto.


Some cameras were shot. Mable rode in the Phoenix and the Johnson was surprised to get her daughter back.


Steel is trying to fence the vial through his fixer. He's not looking for top dollar as long as the cure gets used.


  • 10,000 nuyen
  • 5 Karma
  • 1.6875 RVP in gear (Urban Explorer with chemseal and helmet)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Captain Freefall -
  • Crosley -
  • Dandy -
  • Steel - We're not done yet. We still need to fence this cure. Now I'm not looking for top dollar because this cure needs to go into use, but I am going to push at least my luck on getting a good price for one reason: Mable gets a share. How much of a share will depend on how well we do.
  • Voxel -