Put Your Dreams Away

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Put Your Dreams Away
Part of It's Always Wednesday in Seattle
GMKorean BBQ
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Black Vory
Anti-Drug Group
Jonah Hex
Casualties and losses
None Everybody


Flak, Southpaw, and Saint murder an anti-drug activist and the entirety of her guard detail. The Black Vory eventually move into the emptied apartment block.


After the destruction of their prospective airfields and the loss of their narco-subs, a new Black Vory Johnson has come onto the scene, and he's paying big money to remove people who are opposing their plans.

The Meet

The team meets the Johnson in the back room at a biker bar in Touristville, a middle aged man wearing sunglasses and an all black suit, guarded by a pair of masked trolls. He offers them 16,000 NuYen, half up front, to go to an apartment block on the outskirts of Touristville and eliminate a woman by the name of Mary Johnson. He provides them with a picture and a location, as well as warning them that she would be under heavy guard. He describes her as an "anti-drug extremist" and explains that she has been targeting his men and making progress. The team accepts the job and their 8,000 NuYen advance pay.

The Plan

Southpaw does a quick search on the matrix to find out more about Mary Johnson and finds that she's working as a high profile anti-drug activist based out of Touristville who is trying to fight the waves of kamikaze and K-10 flooding into Seattle. Saint summons an air spirit to scout the apartment block, and it returns stating that there are 18 personnel inside. After donning a disguise, Southpaw rides around the block and identifies a guarded fire escape leading up to the fourth floor where Mary Johnson was supposed to be located. The guard detail outside was armed with assault rifles, but did not sport any identifying gang tattoos and seemed to be casually dressed. The team decides to attack that night.

The Run

Saint summons a guardian spirit to assist in the attack. The team approaches from across the street, silently and simultaneously dispatching the guards at the bottom of the fire escape. They quietly ascend the ladder and make a coordinated breaching attack, with Flak throwing a frag grenade through the window and Southpaw gunning down the last survivor in the room. With Mary Johnson disposed of, the team proceeds to peal out, with Southpaw providing suppressive fire through the window to cover the rest of the team's egress. The remainder of the guards begin to circle around the apartment complex and begin shooting at Saint and Flak, who rapidly dispatch the group using fireball, manabolt, and automatic shotgun fire. The team escapes well before any security response can arrive.


The Black Vory gain another safehouse in Touristville.


  • 16,000 NuYen
  • 2 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • 2 Rep with the Black Vory

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I... Maybe I should figure out how to turn down Mr. Harsmen's job offers. I think I screwed up.


Frag me.. I need a drink after this.. the pay wasn't even great. but I have a feeling we will hear more from this johnson... But atleast the team knew what we were doing.. when it came to the execution.. Fraggin hell maybe we were too good..


That went well, perhaps too well. Next time i need to remember to ask for more nuyen.