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Jerry, the Sasquatch has been caught 'Driving while Sasquatch' (and also with a good amount of awakened drugs) in his VW bus trying to cross the border near Kanaskat-Palmer park. Jerry decides to use his one phone call to call a group of Shadowrunners (instead of a lawyer) to come bust him out.

The Meet

No meet, just a phone call that's... probably been recorded. Poor Jerry Sasquatch needs us to bust him out.

The Plan

Couronne, Squid, Shimmer, Ojou, and Troika lay up short and wait see what the files say. The files say Jerry's being transported to another facility, so lay an ambush, and move then.

The Run

The runners set out to lay up just short of the old King County Fire Protection building (now revamped into a border patrol holding facility for the UCAS). Couronne hotsims into the border patrol host, noting a large amount IC inside, which seem to be attacking and be attacked by something else. Inside the host, a file details that Jerry, his drugs, and his van are all in separate locations. Jerry is scheduled to be transferred to downtown Seattle for arraignment on charges of drug smuggling. Moving to the industrial host, and subverting one of the cameras, she discovers someone actively breaking into the evidence room. And the chase is on, as the team hightails it to the station. En route, Couronne manages unlock the gate to the impound lock as the remainder of the team gets out and preps to enter the building. The rest of the team makes entry, finding a very leaky receptionist. They enter lockup, as all the bear scorch marks, except the Johnson's, which is also welded shut. Troika goes to plant explosives on the door to break out Jerry as the rest of the entry team engages the group that's currently hitting the police station. One grenade later, a firefight ensues. In the chaos, reinforcements arrive in the form of Squid's bike, perforating a few of the mooks. When all the the smoke clears, two lie dead, one has surrendered, and two had turned tail.


With everything cleared out and Jerry free (with drugs and vehicle in tow), the team roasts the evidence room with a few kilograms of plastic explosive, but not before making off what assorted credsticks Jerry had scrounged from evidence processing.


24,000 Nuyen, 6 karma, and Jerry as a 3/1 contact

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Bloody business, ne? Thanks to Couronne being such a quick hand at hacking, we managed to find the station at a point of vulnerability. Even though we ended up getting loud on a group of other runners, we got the mission done without any setbacks. Jerry-san seems like a rather unreliable Johnson-san, but he paid us today, so he can't be all that bad. It was fun getting to use my new shotgun, although I'll have to spend a few hours today consoling Elizabeth, since I didn't get to fly her.


We drove around the countryside a bit, we ventilated some lesser runners, and we rescued a talking junkie Sasquatch. Pretty routine run, all in all. Might not have been the best idea to spill those other dudes' blood, but hell, one of 'em came at me with a flaming sword, you just know I had to take them all out after that.


I suppose that, overall, this run could be considered "successful." I got to prove my mighty hacking skills quite a lot during the recon phase; however, I was pretty bummed that that data-bombed encrypted file was empty! The chip truth is that I wish it hadn't come to so much geeking towards the end with those NeoHaven runners. I think we could have easily worked things out with them if we had only taken a moment to try to figure out who they were; but I wasn't in the heat of the scene so I can't really blame my team for acting offensively for defense -- I just wish they'd used some Stick-n-Shocks instead… Jerry was an interesting Johnson. I'm glad he was able to compensate us following the run since we hadn't actually figured that out during the initial meet. I'm sure he'll prove useful as a contact in the future somehow.


Я никогда не буду сработать на этого клиента. Раз слишком много. А этот клиент? Чёртова чучуна без мозга из-за наркотиков.

Мне не нравится ни няня, ни спасение. Клеинт это не помогает. По крайней мере деньги хорошие.


I will never work for this client again. One time was already too many. And the client? A fucking drugged-up Sasquatch without a brain.

I don't like babysitting, and I don't like rescuing people. The client did not help this fact. At least the money is good.



Overall, I think that went pretty well, at least for my first run. Yeah, we had to open up on some NeoHaven fraggers, but at least they took care of the police for us. Jerry was… and interesting Johnson. Bit of a strange circumstance he landed himself in. But hey, at least he collected a good amount of credsticks to pay us with. I was kinda worried about that, he was a bit evasive about payment when he first called.