Radioshack Reallocation

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Radioshack Reallocation
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Elf Mage
Dwarf Rigger
Three Security Guards
Two Drones
Casualties and losses
Elf Mage (Deceased)
Rigger and Guards dumped in Barrens


Solace hired some... runners of questionable morality to physically relocate some evidently hotly-contested Radioshack items. After a brief fight and some questionable decisions, the goods were delivered.


Mister E hired some runners to physically relocate some Radioshack items from a warehouse after having a Matrix Forger delete their records of owning the items in question.

The Meet

Glamor, Quickdraw, and Chariot show up at various times to Solace and enter a hidden door, where they meet Mister E, while CAPTAIN FREEFALL phones in from his day-job as a reporter. After a brief negotiation, Mister E agreed to have the Matrix Forger digitally relocate some other items for the runners to steal as well.

The Legwork

Glamor and Chariot watch the building using matrix and magical means for hours to determine the interior location of security systems and the layout of the building. Meanwhile, CAPTAIN FREEFALL continues to do his day job and Quickdraw buys a Chuck Wagon to... make tacos... Which somehow actually manage to be useful.

The Plan

CAPTAIN FREEFALL and Quickdraw would make tacos to serve out of the Chuck Wagon FOR JUSTICE (as a distraction) while Glamor and Chariot would infiltrate the building with a spirit in order to find the boxes and make off with them.

The Run

CAPTAIN FREEFALL and Quickdraw pull up in the Chuck Wagon as the workers are getting out of the warehouse, and begin to serve tacos FOR JUSTICE to all who would like one or several, for free. CAPTAIN FREEFALL uses Noble Sacrifice in order to protect everyone from food poisoning in case Quickdraw's cooking skills were not up to par. Meanwhile, Glamor summoned an Earth Spirit which applied Concealment and Movement to her and Chariot for their approach to the building. Quickdraw hacked into the Radioshack warehouse host in order to disable the fence alarm as Glamor and Chariot approached, with Glamor having a detection spell up.

Inside, they found another team of runners, an Elf Magician and a Dwarf Rigger, already loading up their targets into a Bulldog. Glamor attempted to disable them immediately with a Mob Mind spell in order to get them to leave, but the Magician resisted the spell. This immediately triggered combat. Chariot shot at the Magician and Rigger while Glamor ordered the Earth Spirit and the controlled Rigger to attack the Magician. The Magician had a very bad last day, as they were first shot, then shot again in the back, then Feared, then punched by an Earth Spirit (which sent them flying into overflow). Suddenly, two security guards that had resisted the Detection Spell burst out of a side room and started firing at Glamor. Immediately afterward, their Minds were coopted by a second Mob Mind spell from Glamor. Just then, a drone which Quickdraw had missed fired a Pepper Punch grenade right in front of Glamor and Chariot. Chariot then took out the drone, while Glamor ordered her three minions to knock themselves out. Chariot's DocWagon bracelet went off as they and Glamor took the damage from the Pepper Punch.

A DocWagon tactical combat paramedic glided in from a nearby DocWagon building in order to provide medical assistance to Chariot. After Chariot was healed, he grudgingly applied some medical care to Glamor. Meanwhile, due to the tacos CAPTAIN FREEFALL was handing out just outside, the remaining security guard was unable to get into the building.

The runners discovered the enemy Bulldog had already been loaded with their target, so they commandeered the vehicle after loading the corpse of the Magician and the unconscious bodies of the Rigger and the two security guards. Then Chariot drove them away as Radioshack's Rating 2 Destination Host discovered Quickdraw, who quickly jacked out.


The bodies of the opposition were dumped in the barrens and the goods were delivered to Mister E and Solace. It was at this point that CAPTAIN FREEFALL learned that one of the opposition had died, and was unhappy due to the lack of JUSTICE.


Glamor, Chariot, and CAPTAIN FREEFALL: 8,000¥ 2 RVP (8000¥) of availability 14 or less electronic gear, 3 karma, +1 Solace Rep

Quickdraw: Taskmaster 1 karma +1 Solace Rep

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


My first run here. I didn't think I'd go down so easily... I need to become stronger.