Ramshackle Glory - Die Alone, Live Together (Born to Lose)

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Ramshackle Glory - Die Alone, Live Together (Born to Lose)
Part of Tear Gas Flows Underground
LocationOrk Underground, Seattle
Result Eviction of Neo-A/Black Star affiliated Youth Center stalled by court order.
Factions Involved
Black Star
Ice Cube
The Kasprzak Family
Hard Corps
The Ork Rights Commision


Harp corp were trying to evict a bunch of ork out into the street. The Johnson hired the party to get rid of them

The Meet

They all meet up in the underground on what presumely is the Johnson's house. He told the party about how some dwarfs have taken over their estate and Harp corp (dubbed as "The worst" from now on) would be evicting them. Usagi, Pandora and Ice decide to take Pandora's convertable to the estate, while BB took a van to the estate because she didn't want to be in the sunlight.

The Legwork

Arriving on screen first was Usagi and Ice Cube. Once at the location there was a dispute with a bunch of goblinoids and Hard Corps. Usagi quickly tried to sneak up to Hard Corps but the Johnson was about to shout and give away their position. Ice cube manages to calm down the Johnson before it could happen.

Once Usagi got the drop on one of Hard Corps he pointed a gun to his head and start to calmly negotiate with Hard Corps. During the negotiation a vlogger tried to record the scene, but was quickly dispatch when Ice cube shoot his commlink which prompt him to run away.

After a long negotiation Hard Corps surrender and wanted to walk away, but after a quick trickshot they were "persuaded" to stay. After that Hard Corps was tied up and the Johnson threw them into a closet in the estate.

After this screen takes place, Pandora arrive at screen. Usagi pick up one of the comms and told Hard Corps That they have some of their men hostage. Hard Corps panic and redirect them to a hotline for hostage negotation and he was put on hold. The gang then decide to booby trap the estate.

Ice and Pandora decided to get rid of the fire escape to make the place more defendable. Just as they manage to break down the ladder, A truck containing one very piss off banshee park under the ladder. The ladder crash into the truck as BB step out of the truck looking quite ragged. After threatening the truck driver, BB help the rest of the team booby trap the estate.

After half an hour of booby trapping the estate, a man by the name of Mr. Benson came and start shouting at the Johnson. All of us silently agree to ignore them. Until Mr. Benson approach BB, asking them to stop what they are doing. After a few back of forth between the party member, they agreed after a successful bluff check got them to get paid 14k.

The team decide to infiltrate Hard Corps compound and beat up their backup so they won't disturb the estate.

The team make its way inside the compound pretty easily. They manage to make their way to the garage where the team of Hard Corps who was supose to be backup is currently located. The party decided to throw some flashbang and pick off the strangler.

So they did just. Surprisingly to no one, every guard was suprised as Pandora sprout a bunch of vines which curl around most of them, immobilizing them. After 2 well placed flashbomb most of them were reeling on the ground and gave up. We then tied them all up and blew their vehicles up with some Heavy Explosive bomb and return to the Johnson.

The Run

Went very well. There was no hiccup, no one died and the runner got more than what they were promise for.


Harp corp got 4 of their own kidnap and a whole squad of them surrended after two flashbang, showing how incompedent they are as a company. So completely nothing change.


Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Ice Cube -
  • Usagi - Stealth and surprise win over numbers, every time.
  • Pandora -
  • BB -