Returned Twofold

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Returned Twofold
LocationTacoma and Downtown, Seattle Metroplex.
Result Tracking down two individuals leads to combat on campus and some astral tracking.
Factions Involved
A F4 Guidance Spirit
An Extraction Target


A mid level member of the Vory's sister is insulted at a club on her birthday. She's in a poor mood lately, so the Lt's first recourse is to hire violent criminals to track down the bitches that insulted his sister.


The Runners were told to meet a Johnson by the name of Scheznyk or 'The Vanisher' at Olga's Teahouse. Swipe took his bike, SUM and Belladonna traveled together. After the Johnson had his fun with a couple girls, he met the team. And offered them 10k, the team haggled up to 8k and 8k in Russian weapons, stolen electronics, drugs and the services of women.

They were able to convince the Johnson to give the team his sister's name so they could monitor her P2.0 feeds to determine where and when this would've happened.


The team managed to narrow the potential club where the event took place to three, then down to two via moving through her P2.0, they determined that the spat likely occurred before Alexa Vilanofsky hit a higher end club called Phantasma. They checked out one club, an industrial, grungy looking joint where people could pretend to 'slum it,' called "The Grind." Belladonna went in to check out the menu and ask about the place. The drink choices wouldn't create a bright pink stain, that the team had spotted on her dress.

The team narrowed it down to 'La Luna,' a middle of the road joint that's Aztlan inspired. SUM entered the public facing host, looked at the menu, purchased a sim beverage, looked around the place, passed an ett check, then took a copy of the camera feeds via the editor complex form.

The team managed to get a good look at the incident and via T3 found out who the women were. Danielle and Mary Anne Mitchel-Sothoron, daughters of a retired Lonestar commissioner for the Renton district. They are attending college at UW and share an apartment close to campus. Danielle is a religious studies major and thaumaturgy minor, notably a Christian Theurge, though not Catholic, thus not under a geas from the pope. Mary Anne is a sociology major.

The party inspects the apartment complex's security, determining that the complex has a few Lonestar security officers providing onsite security. The team managed to physically infiltrate the connected garage, providing the comm codes of various maglocks, elevator controls and those little arm things that are used to prevent crossings.

SUM pokes and prods at the girls' commlinks, determining the girls' schedules and their relationships with their close friends, coworkers and family. The important info gathered, or at least the info gathered that the team used to make their move was the fact that Danielle hates her team members for a religious studies project, but will be spending the next couple days working with them, she is scheduled for a THAU 209 test next Wednesday. Mary Anne has a long distance boyfriend and would be spending her friday evening with in VR and if her VR date/quality time spending would be interrupted by her sister's early return she had plans to hit up a low-mid tier hotel.

The team planned to create communications between Danielle and her sister that Danielle was coming home early after Danielle was extracted off of campus and then extract Mary Anne at the low-mid tier hotel.

The team split up, covering both likely exits of the parking complex on campus, giving me sneaking or ett checks so as to not rouse suspicions of students on campus. On the wim of a d2, Belladonna was the first to find her. She reached out from a bush with a shock glove, out of the view of cameras and witnessed the GLORY OF GOD MANIFEST BEFORE HER. Bella turned on an area jammer and zapped Danielle for most of her track.

But Danielle lived and the word of God was spoken to Belladonna and she feared him and his righteous judgement. Once she escaped LOS she communicated with the team and they ran over. Meanwhile Danielle attempted to use her commlink when she failed she then limped over to an old panic box and hammered that OH GOD PLEASE SAVE ME! button. Meanwhile the guidance spirit maintained spell defense on its charge.

When Jux emerged he casted a forced 8 mana bolt on the target. Being that she was a reasonable strength mage, and had counter spelling dice from her angel she managed to soak all but 1 damage, leaving her with one box. Jux then witnessed the word of God, making him flee. While Belladonna began to briskly walk to her vehicle in order to pick up the target once Swipe handled her. She passes her requisite ett to get to her car, and then pilot her car with a sufficient vehicle ett test.

Meanwhile Swipe managed to knock the target the frag out. He keeps resisting the guidance spirit and outruns it, running across campus to a parking lot, getting seen by a number of cameras.

Jux on the other hand does not pass his ett test as he races towards the vehicle, he gets spotted by a pair of girls, one of which is human, the other ork and they take out their commlink to record the madman running about campus and start giggling at him. Jux fails a con check to get the girls disinterested and they giggle harder and sort of freezes, staring them down.

The whole while Summ was sitting at a nearby coffee shop in the library and hit the panic boxes, reducing the DP of the dragnet, allowing Bella and Swipe to escape with the extraction target.

SUM and Jux are alerted in AR that KE would like to question them. They comply. At first paracritter doggos are deployed and find the F8 mana bolt, after a short time of questioning people in the immediate area, dogs managed to sniff/assense out that astral signature. The officer asks for confirmation from a security mage and they have Jux arrested for magical aggravated assault. SUM manages to convince the officer that he was scouting the school out to see if he wanted to take classes on campus.

Meanwhile there is a very, very confused angel, KE security mages use the active link to track down the team. Around an hour later KE SWAT assaults the safehouse to rescue Danielle, and capture the criminals. Belladonna continues to make incredibly lucky stealth checks to get out of their safehouse, then burns edge to ett all the way out of the danger zone. Swipe on the other hand does not, he is shot with gel by Ares SWAT and detained.


Swipe - PA +1, Noto +1, Records on File Ares. Detained by KE, will need to perform a job for LS to get out of the prison system. Muscle Toner, Fangs and Claws will be surgically removed.

Jux - PA +1, Noto +1, Records on File Ares. Detained by KE will need to perform a job for LS to get out of the prison system.

Bella - Edge burnt

Sum - Had some soykaf.


3 Karma for survival/out of pity/mercy

-1 rep to the Vory for failure on the job.

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