Revenge Served Hot with a Side Dish of Molten Slag

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Revenge Served Hot with a Side Dish of Molten Slag
GMEye of the Storm
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Redmond Renegades
Units involved
  • Squad of 11 gangers
  • Casualties and losses
    None. 11 gangers killed in action.


    A struggling sprawl gang hires some shadowrunners out of an emergency fund to eliminate their opposition. Hilarity ensues.

    The Meet

    The shadowrunners meet with a ganger liaison in a Redmond hellhole bar. She explains that the go-gang she's a part of recently had an ally turn on them, leaving them and their turf in a vulnerable position. She offers 40,000¥ to destroy the traitors' stuff, evening the odds while they lick their wounds. LazorGrrl notes that the gang is facing an existential threat, which raises the price of the job in her estimation. She makes a counteroffer of 50,000¥, which the liaison accepts on the condition that the go-gangers not only lose their assets, but their lives. The team finds these terms agreeable, and all parties leave the bar.

    The Plan

    Good Boy and LazorGrrl are content to head straight for the go-gang's stronghold and assault them, but the others convince them to wait for nightfall, at least.

    The Run

    The team pulls up outside of the go-gang's fort to find them mid-celebration, tweaking on ghosts know what. Their bikes are locked inside a nearby garage secured by a simple mechanical lock, though the door to their feast hall doesn't appear to be secured. Thrud decides to throw a tremendously powerful lightning ball through the window, and half of them don't hear it coming before they get fried to a molten crisp. The rest grab their weapons and file out to meet the firing line. Good Boy immediately goes for the biggest guy there, who's a burly troll toting a machine gun meant for vehicle mounts. Terrifyingly, Good Boy blurs into action and somehow makes the troll shoot himself in the head, killing him instantly. After an exchange of bullets, lasers, spells, and teeth, the shadowrunner team wipes out the opposition with no losses. They steal all intact drugs, weapons, and vehicles to return to the client.


    The client is satisfied with the destruction of the renegade go-gang and the supply of drugs and materiel. She pays the team as promised, and they split it evenly.


    • 10,000¥
    • 5 Karma
    • 2 CDP
    • Good Boy receives 1 Street Cred in exchange for 1 Karma.

    Game Quotes

    Player After Action Reports (AARs)

    Combat DJ LazorGrrl

    Didn't quite get a kill streak going on this one, sadly. These guys were playing defense, and a few lucky ducks got 'em just shy of my beams. I did zap a hole through a head though, as I try to do on every job. That dog, though. Damn!


    Well... Puppy Good Boy has quite a tail, burised me a bit. Oh Ja, he also brutally murdered 3 people. Und Thrud hohohoh, did she give em hell with that lighting bolt. Those gangers really picked a bad time to be alive.