Reverse Street Docs

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Reverse Street Docs
Factions Involved
Trevor Avila
Behind on their Bills
Lil' Boomer
Trevor Avila
A Priest
A Ganger
A Buddhist
Casualties and losses
Ganger & Awakened
Initiation #2.


Lil' Boomer is assigned to repo work with an old colleague named Trevor Avila by Tamanous. The pair recoup three sets of ware, two with lethal consequences to their owners. Along the way, they talk magic, anger issues, and centering.


Trevor used to be a subordinate of LB before he was incarcerated. Decades later, he's in charge of LB's repo assignment.

The Meet

Lil' Boomer receives a call from his Tamanous contact, letting him know that a car would be there soon. When LB shuffled outside, he finds an angry Orkish Ghoul waiting for him. They drive and chat, but the Ork is unamused and unaccommodating to LB's style. They arrive at the Crime Mall where some punks harass LB. He lets them know he'll chat when he comes back out if they're still there, and the duo head into a hidden office where a Troll adept gives him a list of three repo jobs to work. Partnering him up with an old teammate in Trevor Avila, the adept sends them off. Before leaving the Crime Mall parking lot, LB threatens to turn the punks, who were bothering him before. Scared, they apologize and he is satisfied.

The Priest

The first repo sent the duo to the domicile of a Renton church where a priest who had been attacked by gangers couldn't pay off his primative limbs. LB entered the house asking for guidance. He then explained his true purpose once inside. The priest threatened him with a knife, but LB gently took the knife from him, letting him know that he didn't want to get blood on himself because he was infected. LB took the priest's arms and legs, and offered to call a friend for the father. He has made a mental note to buy the man a new set of limbs down the road.

The Ganger

Despite buzzing the repo target's apartment, he wasn't let in the door. Apparently ghoul faces aren't welcome when you owe Tamanous money.

Lil' Boomer was carried up to the target's balcony by his air spirit, and--using a tire iron--gave the sliding glass door what for. The ganger open fired, (which was rude,) and LB returned the favor with a comet and manabolts. After the target went down, LB buzzed in Trevor and the two went through the process of recovering the unpaid muscle augmentations. While they worked, they discussed chaos magic, mentor spirits, and how to actively tune oneself into the combat to prevent the magic from overtaking you through controlled rage.

The Buddhist

The third and final target was a Buddhist ghoul who had turned form Tamanous after finding their faith. The owner of a cerebellum boost she didn't pay for, the third target called a fire spirit to protect her home. In response, LB summoned a water spirit. While the spirits battled, Trevor and Lil' Boomer took on the monk magician, finally bringing her down. They dragged her inside to recoup the final piece of ware.


  • Trevor Avila (Connection 5) at Loyalty 4 (8 RVP)
  • Sensei (Trevor Avila, Spellcasting) (5 RVP)
  • 1 karma (1 RVP)
  • NO CDP (-1 RVP)
  • Discount on Initiation 2 for Ordeal

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Lil' Boomer (LB)

Friggin' Trevor is givin' me orders now? That's shitty.

Actually, it's not that bad, but like--it seems like it should be. The kid's been working on his stuff, so he's pretty knowledgeable about a lot of this stuff and doesn't pull his punches.

Pretty reasonable work day this week...only three repos to do. Two ended up bein' pretty messy, so having a second set of hands lightened the load. I hadn't really thought of using my anger to--like--make my casting work better. I feel like he's probably like--doin' it wrong, but if it works it works, I guess. Oh man, I wonder how Zion is doing? I should give her a call and see if she wants to do lunch!