Rock The House

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Rock The House
GMMagatsu Mandala
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Gianelli Family
Casualties and losses
Gianelli Grunts


Kenran-Kai need to clear out some of their turf of opposing forces. The team goes in, makes an aerial entry and clears house with extreme prejudice. The followup forces from Gianellis are destroyed by Kenran-Kai.


There's an ongoing dispute of territory between the Kenran-Kai and the Gianelli Family. This has ended up with the Gianelli having some initial recon teams entering Kenran-Kai territory.

The Meet

The meet wasn't much of one; the yakuza liaison Ojou was told that there is territory that needs to be secured and with her helicopter, she went collecting the other team members that were signed up for the job by their fixers.

The Plan

The idea was to do a fly-by and drop the runners on the rooftop, clearing it from a distance and doing a top entry, then clearing the entire place out. Not much initial scouting was done for this.

The Run

Two snipers on the rooftop were promptly taken care of with some serious firepower from Ojou's rigger armaments. After that, some courtyard guards were terrified by a vampiric artillery strike. Charon snapped her ankles from freefalling from the copter and unleashed her infected powers to paralyze the frontline with sheer terror. This was quickly cleaned up by her team members while she ate one of the stragglers' face off. AFter regenerating and regrouping with the rest of the team on the ground, Charon, Voiceless and Scurvy prepared to breach while Ojou operated a drone indoors from the safety of her helicopter's rigger cocoon.

The Gianelli responded by throwing a grenade at them during the door breach. Voiceless caught this grenade in mid-air and threw it right back haphazardly. This caused the indoors squad to scatter and run for their lives to avoid the killzone of the fragmentation grenade, allowing the team to enter and begin their assault. Charon charged head-on and enforced her terrifying battlefield control while Voiceless, Ojou's drone and Scurvy began to open fire. While Charon didn't manage to do much damage, a bloodthirsty vampire running head-on at you can be difficult to ignore. As a result she was shot, stabbed, knocked out and shot some more to little avail, allowing her team members to rack up kill after kill. Scurvy and Voiceless did severe damage to the remaining Gianelli's and Ojou's hovering drone showed its dodging skills by ducking under some stray shots. The fight was over before it really even started.


After the geeking of the recon squad of Gianelli grunts, Ojou informed their Johnson that the place was secure, however it was likely that reinforcements would follow. Thankfully, this was none of the group's concern as they were intercepted violently by other teams. The run was over in a bloodbath.


20,000 nuyen +3 Reputation with Kenran-Kai +2 CDP ...except for Ojou, who just got Karma instead of nuyen. She's not getting paid for doing her duty to the yakuza.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Good opportunity for me to show off, I guess. Smooth ride, smooth shots in on those Gianellis. They dinged Sarah, but it could be a lot worse. <mobbedup.sim>


I can't say I'm surprised by their persistence. I tore them up, I got knocked down, I got back up. What's important is that no matter what they do, I'll keep getting back up until they fall before me. Thankfully, I was working with competent people who could take advantage of my distractions. I'm pretty sure that's what they call a 'pro gamer move.'


Allow me to reiterate my love for these quick and easy jobs. Shame about that spook aura, no swordplay today. The Sea's somewhat dissatified with that. Alright pay.