Route 66: Side Story, Sir Where is My Automobile

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Route 66: Side Story, Sir Where is My Automobile
Part of Like mad max but more guns
GMDoc McGuffins
Location(Puyallup Barrens / Executive's Mansion)
Factions Involved

Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane


An Ares executive hires runners to rescue his stolen car from a mysterious thief. After tracking down the thief, the runners arrange to return the vehicle, then work with McShane to steal even more of the same car from the executive after getting stiffed for 80% of their pay.


After the events of Route 66 Part One: Gone In One Minute and his failure to acquire a genuine Ares Judgement, Pappy Pitty works with a mysterious hacker to simply waltz past an Ares executive's home security to steal an Ares Judgement himself. Unfortunately for him, the exec simply chooses to hire some shadowrunners to track it back down.

The Meet: Ares Menace

The J receives the runners at his mansion, where he offers a cheap-and-cheesy ¥10,000 for the return of his recently-minted Ares Judgement after some initial awkwardness. After Sirius negotiates him for the short-notice, potentially dangerous nature of the job, the J relents, offering ¥2000 up front.

Matrix Mix-ups

Having completed the meet satisfactorily, Dokkaebi and Sirius go online and check the cameras nearby the J's home. Finding footage of an older man simply walking in past the gate, then blazing past in the Judgement, the runners begin to feel a little suspicious just as McShane starts posting on the ShadowHaven guest node about how he's obtained an Ares Judgement. Sirius' skilljack tells him the rare Ares car is likely the Judgement, and the runner's realize that something's up just as Sirius begins his matrix search on the J. The team arranges a meet with Pitty, him having invited them to meet for coffee.

The Meet II: Attack of the Gearshifts

Meeting with Pitty, the team comes to understand his motivation for stealing the vehicle (use the parts to build a cool car) and how willing he is to return the car if the runners insinuate they will do a job for him stealing the cars the J still has. Hoping for a chunky get-paid-twice payday, the team goes with that course of action.


Returning the car, the team is caught off-guard by the Johnson's request of proof that the thief has been suitably punished. Unable to provide this proof of an event that never occurred, the team was forced to take only their pre-pay of ¥2000 for the return of the car. Resentful of the J, the team leaves in a huff.

The Meet III: Revenge of the Gangers

Back Pitty's junkyard, the team arranges for the theft of as many cars as they can from the tightwad Ares J. He offers a solid twenty Gs, or double that in useful cars, parts and drones. Eager to punish their J, but not too eager, the team demurs this second scheme for a week later, after the technomancers Dokkaebi and Twitch register a cohort of beefy sprites.

The Run II: Revengeance

With Sirius and Dokkaebi disabling the nearby cameras, the three Road Warriors charged in with their drones at their back. Gunning down every guard to be found in the open, the team took the lives of a few guards as the mansion gate and garage door began to open. As Twitch's Roto-drones (under the neglectful command of Ojou) charged the garage, a guard took them down with a frag grenade before being perforated by Ojou's Doberman drone and helicopter. As Squid reached the garage, a spirit came to rumble, Greco-Roman aesthetic appropriate for Ares. After a grueling but short battle in which the spirit absorbed reams of fire from Squid's LeMat, a drone's Krime Boss, and Ojou's Crockett EBR, the team was able to disrupt it as an incoming HTR helicopter pinged Ojou's sensors. Hurrying into the cars, Sirius, Squid and Twitch took a car, Twitch hacking the fourth to allow him to pilot it remotely. Thanks to the team's brisk work, they escaped before they could be harassed further, Ojou firing off a final volley of sniper fire at the J who was watching from his balcony.

Aftermath 2

While Pappy is happy with the runners' performance, Squid's spite-induced obviousness and Twitch's distinctive... Twitch, meant they received decently-sized bounties from Ares to the tune of ¥25,000.


¥2,000 from Ares Jerk, ¥20,000 or double in cars/car accessories/drones/drone accessories from Pappy Pitty, 5 Karma, Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane at loyalty 4. (No CDP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That Ares guy was messed up. Honestly, I'm glad he ended up stiffing us. It gave us more reason to take all those cars (and what amazing cars they were. Man, I think I reached almost 300 inside of 6 seconds). I really wish we could've gotten Ray nack, too, but... we'll get him another time. I doubt the same approach would work again.


Sugoi, ne? Fortunately Mcshane-san was so reasonable, or else things would have been a lot more ugly. and Elizabeth wouldn't be able to move on the ground! That junkyard of his had lots of interesting stuff, and a race sounds like something that'd be fun to watch. The first Johnson-san was kinda mean. His security was very unreasonable about the helipad. Shame I didn't manage to shoot him dead, but there's always next time.


That bounty Ares put on my head is a fraggin' badge of honor. No one stiffs me and gets away with it, and this li'l bounty on my head is the proof of that. Gonna make them pull that bounty sooner or later, when they realize they're not gonna kill me before I burn down half their assets in Seattle.