Route 66 Part One: Gone In One Minute

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Route 66 Part One: Gone In One Minute
Part of Like mad max but more guns
GMDoc McGuffins
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Factions Involved
GearShifts Ares
Commanders and leaders
Trash Panda
Casualties and losses
Spider's Cyberdeck

1 Broken Window
1 Vintage Tesla Truck
1 Ares Supercar
1 Ares "Judgement"
1 Car Enthusiast's Car

1 Ares "Waitstaff"


Fixer Message Incoming

"Hey buddy! Looks like someone is requesting some people to get a hold of a high profile vehicle. Told him you bunch are the people for it. If you're in I'll send ya the location to meet the guy."


The Runners met the Johnson Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane at his gang's base in Fife at a junkyard. There they found Pitty's "Sons" who were on high alert. After tensions died down Pitty invited the group in for 2 day old coffee. He let them know the deal. They were to steal a car that has just been announced that was on display. The Ares Judgement.

The Plan

The group planned quickly started searching for information on this car. It was a car enthusiasts wettest dream. Everything you'd want on the car was there. They found the car was being shown during a car show at an Ares dealership with two floors in downtown Seattle. From there they gathered more information on the location itself. Their plan, Trash panda and Tanuki were to go into the convention snag the car from the second floor and drive it out during the middle of the convention. While they did that Stormcrow was to weaken the armored windows so they could get out of them. Meanwhile, Spider provided matrix support and over-watch.

The Run

Trash panda and Tanuki went into the convention to do a bit of recon and find an opportune time to steal the car. There they took notice that they were letting VIPs enter and "Test" the car. Trash panda had an idea as trash panda does. She was going to do herself up as a VIP herself with the highend dress, drugs, and the heels. Tanuki was to be her "Driver". She made it up to the waitstaff who stopped her to see if she was on the list. While stopped Spider quickly hacked the database and added Trash panda to the list. Meanwhile Stormcrow preparing the window to break accidentally nailed a vintage Tesla Truck with acidic poop.

Trash panda was allotted 5 minutes to check the car our being helped up onto the rotating car platform. She stated to Tanuki, "Boy I need to see how the car looks on you; get in." As he got into the car she planted a connection for Spider to disable the car's Anti Theft System. Trash Panda casts invisibility on Tanuki as she gets out and quickly starts making her way out. The glass that Stormcrow was prepping finally cracked, Spider Disabled the Theft System, and Tanuki peels out at a 60 degree angle out the window, onto the Tesla truck as a ramp and onto the street. One member of the Ares' waitstaff alerts people to chase that car. Two members of the crowd jump into their custom cars and attempt to peel out after Tanuki. Spider Bricks one of the cars before it can get going as it crashes into oncoming traffic. As an old muscle car peels out of the lot after Tanuki. The Ares waitstaff member jumps into one of the cars there. Spider attempts to get that guy too, but little did Spider know that the guy was also a decker. Angered by the issue the waitstaff member bricks Spider's deck and doesn't notice that Stormcrow had dropped a flaming skull into the engine block.

Tanuki quickly lost his tail and picked up Trash panda to take the car back to the GearShifts. Delivering the car they were thanked and the car was stripped of parts for whatever the Gearshifts were up to.


Spider's Deck was destroyed during the mess. Ares Macrotechnology had a lot of explaining to do about how their newest model of car was stolen from right under their nose.


8,000 nuyen, 12,000 nuyen in vehicle related gear, and Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane as a loyalty 2 contact.



First time my cyberdeck got bricked, ever, in the field. Professor Riley isn't going to let me live this down for a while...