Route 66 part 2: The Dukes of The Barrens

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Route 66 part 2: The Dukes of The Barrens
Part of Like_mad_max_but_more_guns
GMDoc McGuffins
LocationThe Barrens (Puyallup)
Factions Involved
Boom Poom
Cyber Knight
The Menagerie
Commanders and leaders
Boss Hogg
Flash Wolf
Units involved
50 Menagerie Go-Gangers
Boss Hogg
Flash Wolf
Casualties and losses
1 Menagerie Go Ganger


A surge gang has kidnapped The Dukes. The team sneaks in to break them out, and breaks them out while the gang's boss is out and distracted.


Paisly has been distracting Boss Hog While Pappy Pitty has hired the team to rescuer his boys who are being held by a gang of Surgelings called the Menagerie.

The Meet

The Team Meets with Pappy in his chopshop where he tells the runners about the Menagerie who has stolen his boys. He tells them the Menagerie has fifty members and is a powerful gang that has frequent clashes with he local gangs. Most notably they are able to resist the Ancients in the area, and they run their own chopshop.

The Plan

The team decides to disguise themselves as a gang of Menagerie and make a drive-by a local Ancient Hideout to draw a response. They Disguise the Van with menagerie signs and illusion the van to look like it has several Surglings in it. Boom Poom throws a fireball inside the bar, while Cyberknight peppers the bar with automatic fire. This draws no reaction.

Dr. Boo scouts the Hideout. They receive a call from paisley telling them that the Twins won't leave without their car, so Dr. Boo Locates it: a van with a giant dragon painted on its hood.

Dr. Boo then Tries to Hack into a turret, but in the process he notifies the owner of the turret of an intrusion. The runners get a call they have 10 minutes.

The Run

The Runners sneak in. At Some point Boom Poom is spotted by a surge-ling. As Boom Poom is also a surgeling, he goes unnoticed. Cheshire distracts some guards with an illusion and the team makes their way into the area where the Dukes are being held. They kill the mage standing guard, and free the twins. The twins rush over to their car and begin attempting to repair it, but by now the team has been spotted. They hold off hordes of Surgelings as the Dukes finish getting their vehicle working.


The team manages to leave right as they see the Surgeling boss come into view. They make it back to Pitty's shop and receive payment. Nobody tries the coffee.


Player AARs

Cyber Knight

Cyber Knight: Well I did ask Boom Poom if he was interested in taking over this surged gang. I kinda had this burning desire to square off against the boss of this gang. Some pig or something. Oh well, some other time, I guess.