Route 66 part 3: Drive

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Route 66 part 3: Drive
Part of Like_mad_max_but_more_guns
GMDoc McGuffins
LocationThe Barrens (Pulayap)
Factions Involved
The Dukes
Units involved
20 Lonestar Patrol Cars 5 Go-Gangers


The team participate in a team race against some local motor-heads at the behest of Pappy.


The Meet

The team made contact with Paisley who provided them with the location of the race start, and informed them that whilst they did not have to necessarily come first, they were required to win the race. The victor would be declared based on which team scored more points, with points being awarded on a positional basis.

The Plan

The team planned to not get shown up by a bunch of Go-Gangers, they were professional shadowrunners after all. It was a simple and straight forward plan.

The area along the route was also scouted out for potential shortcuts to use.

The Run

The team all turned up early to the race bar their fifth member, The Dukes. After a reasonable start, Tanuki and Dandy easily outpaced the go-gangers, leaving Dr. Boo and Flyboy behind. Dr. Boo deployed a number of counter-measures to hinder the go-gangers (and Flyboy), to reasonable success, but the go-gang responded by netting Flyboy's vehicle.

The Dukes turned up leading 20 Lonestar Patrol vehicles behind them.

The gangers that hadn't crashed split off from the race, leaving Flyboy in a very awkward situation as the faster patrol cars caught up to him, until he dove through traffic and also left the race, leaving the remaining 3 runners and The Dukes to easily outpace the patrol.


The Team regrouped at the finish line having won the race and successfully avoided being caught by the law.


Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well that was fun! Goes to show I'm nowhere near up to scratch compared to some of the other riggers in this place, but plenty of room for improvement is better than being dead so, could be worse I suppose. Glad I didn't have an issue with Dr. Boo's countermeasures, and I've learned a thing or two from that that I might well use in future should something like this happen again.

A run in with Lonestar was unfortunate, thought that I was gonna get bagged for sure. Luckily for me those rustbuckets, while fast, ain't handle so tightly, kept me alive and meant that I did make it over the finish line eventually, and in one piece.