Rusted Claws

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Rusted Claws
LocationRedmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Michael Stilton
A number of ghouls Rusted Stilleto Gang
Casualties and losses
His Humanity Many ghouls Yes


Century wanders into a ghoul den following a lead from a man in urgent trouble. What walks out may just change his life forever.


Michael Stilton, BTL courier for the Vory, finds himself getting ganked and his items yanked by some drekheads. He puts out an urgent call for a runner to help him retrieve his precious briefcase, and not get in shit with the Vory as a result. This happens to occur reasonably close to where Century lives, so naturally the Minotaur turns up to help cause violence.

The Meet

An urgent call was put out by an anonymous individual indicating they were in immediate need of help. Century followed the provided .nav file to where the mystery Johnson was waiting. The J introduced himself as Michael Stilton, a courier for goods for a big corporation. Although Century was reasonably certain that something was fishy about the guy, he agreed to help anyway, because that's just the kinda guy he is. And he was getting kinda bored. The pair follow navigational data using a tracker in the briefcase, as he explained he'd been jumped by members of the Rusted Stilleto gang who had shot him pretty bad.

The Plan

There was no particular plan, just follow the .nav signal until he finds the briefcase, or dies trying.

The Run

The .nav file lead to a cave mouth in the Redmond Barrens, where Century was greeted by a large individual carrying a large wooden stick with nails in. Despite Century's best intentions, the large creature charges at him, and they start fighting with bladed weapons. A few seconds later his friends join him, just in time to watch him get cut to ribbons, followed closely by one of them catching a terminal case of bullets to the dome. The last of the trio was a little more clever and retreated into the cave a little ways. When Century followed them in, he set off a rather unpleasant grenade trap that did a number on both of them, the ganger having seemingly forgotten that allowing a grenade to go off in a confined space was not a great idea. As well as causing a terminal case of un-alive in the ganger, and a headache and a half in Century, the grenade caused the floor to collapse.

As the floor gave way, Century was sent spinning into the darkness, just vaguely able to see the briefcase he was after. He reached out to grab it, but cut a deep gash into his forehead as he did so. When the world stopped falling, Century was in a damp cave, eerily quiet. He turned on the tiny lights in his eyes and had a look around the darkness, unfortunately with no landmarks to identify where he was, he wondered in circles for a while. Eventually the things living down in this cave were fed up of his pacing, and moved in to attack the lone man.

About a minute later, panting with exertion, ammunition severely depleted, and the effects of both a berserk rage and kamikaze wearing off, Century collapses amongst the bloody pile of corpses that surround him, briefcase still held on firmly.


When Century comes to, he finds himself napping in a pile of ghoul viscera with Michael shouting down into the hole to try and get his attention. The pair debate how to get the large Minotaur out of the hole with the briefcase in tow, and eventually settle on pulling him out using Michael's Mirage and a strong chain. Michael gets the briefcase back, and Century gets handed a measly 2,000 NuYen credstick, with understanding that Michael owes him a favour later down the line.


  • 2,000 NuYen
  • 10 Karma
  • Michael Stilton as a 1/1, owing Century a favour.
  • Infected quality

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Si that was, very unusual. Hope Michael not get shout at by "corporation" that work for. I not feel so hot now, going to find place to lie down for few hours, think smell of ghoul not good for stomach or something.