Save my "Puppy"

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Save my "Puppy"
Part of Follow your Instincts
LocationSeattle, mostly Puyallup
Factions Involved
Instincts BioTech Solutions
Ice Cube
Tetracromatic Biolab


Team was hired to recover a genetic experiment and steal data from Tetra


Tetra and Instincts had a contract with Horizon. Whoever got AA first got some nice showtime. Tetra stole Instincts big project to stop them from winning.

The Meet

  • Johnson tried to have everyone picked up by the same car but two people refused.
  • At the meet the Johnson explained what happened and tried to really lowball the runners.
  • Negotiations from the entire team, lead by Itako, convinced her to up the pay quite a bit.

The Run

The decker pinata was beaten for legwork, turns out Tetra has 4 facilities. The first one, in Touristville, turned up as a dead end. The second one, in Puyallup, seemed very promising by the external perception. Itako went astral and confirmed the creature was in there. Ice Cube snuck up to the fence and put a data tap on the integrity sensor. Sc4rl3tt hacked into the host, looped the cameras, and disabled the motion sensors. Itako summoned up a spirit to move the container with the experiment into the Mack that was sitting in the loading back. Itako banished a spirit while guarding her spirit Flyboy drove both vehicles out of Seattle, avoiding KE and HTR Sc4rl3tt hacked the host, bravely holding off IC while getting the files the team needed. The team transferred the container over and left it at a secure location for the J.


Instincts got their "puppy" back and Tetra's data.


21k Nuyen 5 Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I am really glad everything went smoothly. Only one of the spirits noticed me, Sc4rl3tt only got spotted after we had got the Mack out, and as Ice Cube said, it was the easiest 21 thousand we have ever made.


Easy? No. But I'm glad you all had a fun time waiting on me.


That would've been so much harder if we didn't have Sc4rl3tt to do 90% of the heavy lifting, so props to her for that! Kinda wish I'd had the time to frag with KE more in the mack but, didn't wanna risk the cargo.