School's Out!

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School's Out!
Part of It's Always Wednesday in Seattle
Factions Involved
Ruben the Scottish Kid


The Johnson has hired Ironclad, Twitch, Murderbot and Roadie to go party with him and a kid, Ruben the Scottish Kid, because the kid is now just barely legally able to drink.


Ruben the Scottish Kid has just turned 18, and his "friend", the Johnson, wants to take him out for a drink. Problem is, his usual buddies are out of town, so he hires the runners to come along instead.

The Meet

The runners meet the Johnson at the Daze, where it becomes apparent that the Johnson has no plan whatsoever, and that all he can pay in is drugs. The Johnson then takes a hit of K-10, and Ironclad determines he doesn't have much longer until he crashes from it and the couple other drugs that are already in his system. Ironclad also remembers that if he's hurt in any way he'll go berserk, so the runners have to keep a close eye on him. Roadie remembers a bar nearby in Touristville called The Vagabond Chick, and the group sets off for it in Twitch's car.

The Plan


The Run

The group arrives at the bar, and Ironclad tries his best to get Ruben to drink, and he ends up drinking a little bit of the lightest beer the bar has. The Johnson then decides to pick a fight with some troll. Murderbot tries there best to get them to step down, but this fails, and they and Ironclad shock the troll close to unconsciousness, leaving the Johnson to deal the finishing blow, which gives him an ego boost. Then the Johnson starts trying to pick a fight with Ironclad, who suggests a drinking contest instead so the Johnson doesn't get hurt and go berserk. The Johnson starts to go off on Ironclad about this, but quickly crashes and flatlines. Ironclad does his best to try to revive him, puncturing a lung to stop him from choking on blood and defibrillating many times, including once with Twitch's car's battery, but ultimately is unable to save him. Ironclad takes the Johnson's commlink, dumps his body in a dumpster and pours one out for him. Twitch hacks the Johnson's commlink and on it finds the location of the drugs he promised he'd pay with, and the group drives off to find it, dropping Ruben off at his house along the way. They find the drugs... in a junkyard across from a storage unit building, in a big fifth world safe. Ironclad opens the safe up with his (surgical) monofilament chainsaw, and the runners all pick out some of the drugs and head home.


The Johnson is dead, the runners make off with some drugs from his safe, and Ironclad gains a new drinking buddy.


28,000 nuyen in drugs, half remaining in nuyen

2 Karma


(Optional) Ruben the Scottish Kid as a 1/1 contact with 1 chip

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This certainly was... a run. Johnson wasn't great, but hey, at least we got paid, even if we had to find it ourselves. I don't think anyone's gonna miss him.


I'm not even sure what this was. I'd have Mr Incognito blacklist the Johnson but he OD'd. This one's gonna leave a bad taste in my mouth. Hopefully someone who cares can find the body. I messaged everyone on his comm...


I feel bad for the kid... not the one that died, the other one.


Met another Scot, got him what was probably the poor sods first drink, showed him how to deck a twat then took him home. I tried me best to bring the Johnson back, but it was probably for the best I left him in a bin. All in all a job well done.