School of Clashing Blades Smashing Fist

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School of Clashing Blades Smashing Fist
Destroy Evil
TypeMartial Arts School
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationRedmond Barrens, Seattle

Faction Information


A martial arts school established by the free spirit "Sword" and it's first student Cyber Knight to help teach talented martial artists the way to defend themselves and defend the weak. Contrary to the name, the school does teach the art of using blunt weapons and not just blades or unarmed. The name simply derives because these were the core skills on which the school's fighting styles were established.

The words "Destroy Evil" are etched into the weapons or tattooed into the flesh or cyberware of every member, to remind them of the school's motto and their duties. The students of the school strive to achieve martial perfection while crushing all forms of evil, whether mundane or supernatural. If an innocent is being oppressed by a tyrannical gang/syndicate, people being evicted out of their homes by a ruthless corporation or a nasty supernatural threat plagues the land. Someone from the school of Clashing Blades, Smashing Fist will be there to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.


  • Teach talented martial artists the style of Clashing Blades, Smashing Fist.
  • Reach the ultimate goal of martial perfection through strength and discipline.
  • Provide protection to the people of Redmond and Ork Underground.
  • Deal with threats that seek to bring suffering and injustice onto Redmond and the Ork Underground.

Major Locations

Redmond Barrens, Seattle. UCAS. The dojo is built upon and thus acts as an entrance to the Ork Underground.


  • Cyber Knight. The first student of Sword and de facto leader (Master) of the school.
  • Sword. A force 13 free guardian spirit and Cyber Knight's teacher. As Grandmaster of the school, he takes a more passive role than Cyber Knight.




Current Status

Health Summary

Just starting out, but doing well! The Physical location of the School is a three floor building in Redmond, where the main floor is used as a training dojo. The basement is used as a forge and crafting area for weapons, armor and foci. The 2nd floor is used as the personal quarters of Sword. There is an anchored F10 ward around the building (it does not affect members, all of whom have a key to freely enter and leave, their magic unaffected). The interior dojo has a BGC of 2 aspected to the combined fighting spirit of its members. Any member is automatically aspected to the BGC and it does not affect them negatively, instead affecting them positively like any aspected BGC does. (Maintaining)





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