Seriously? To Space!?

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Seriously? To Space!?
LocationS P A C E
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Dr. Lollipop
3 Riggers
2 Guards
Casualties and losses
All of them + s p a c e s t a t i o n


Runners go to space, extract two scientists and blow up a space station


The Meet

The team meets Amrei Veidt (on a projector) in a warehouse for a mystery job. They have to accept first before they get any details on the job. After saying yes to the offer they learn that their extraction targets will be in orbit on a space station. They need to kidnap 2 scientists, only one of which wants to be kidnapped, that are working on nuclear rocket propulsion. A spacecraft with docking permission, taking off in a day, will be provided.

The Plan

Dr. Lollipop uses her knowledge soft network to gather some relevant information, while Heracles looks on the matrix for rough floor plans and an estimate of how many people there will be. There is not much information and time available, so they have to make due with the little they got. Dr. Lollipop is also provided with an anthro drone for the mission, because of the limited room on the ship and station.

The Run

Dr. Lollipop flies the ship, while Carbon takes care of the navigation. The two of them bring the ship safely to the station where they doc. Once the airlock opens the team immediately starts to attack with full force (or as much as that's possible on a space station). A fight between Carbon, Heracles, Dr, Lollipop in the anthro drone and 4 turrets rigged by the station riggers and two guards. The team successfully overcomes the opposition, but their ship is cut off from the station during the fight, which causes the Doc to lose connection. While she pilots the spacecraft she sees a message capsule being sent to earth but fails to destroy it. Once the fight is over Heracles hacks into the station host, scaring away the riggers and getting a file about the message. It's a warning that the station has been compromised and entered a self-destruct sequence by overloading the nuclear reactor, along with a description of the ship. The remaining time is just enough for Carbon to get the two targets, to re-dock, get in and fly away. The exploding reactor gives them an unhealthy dose of radiation, but they get away safely. Heracles makes a Shiawase satellite not see them for a second and formats the board computer of a fighter jet, while it sends a message to base. They safely land, get off board and receive payment (plus some extra for the radiation).



34k nuyen - 17 RVP

8 karma - 8 RVP

10 CDP - 5 RVP


+10 S-K Rep


Can buy the EVO Armadillo Armored Space Suit (and modifications to it) at half price

Carbon and Dr. Lollipop can buy 1 rank of Special Modifications or Secondary Special Modifications for -5 Karma

Heracles can buy Better on the Net (Sleaze) for -8 Karma and -1 RVP

Game Quotes

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