ShadowHaven Post 41203164FF

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ShadowHaven Post 41203164FF
LocationDowntown and Touristville
Result The runners completed their run the AI is in the hands of the Finnigan Family.
Factions Involved.
Finnigan Family Kishi Analytics
Commanders and leaders
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Casualties and losses


Katherine wants Dr.Bell's AI program, In exchange for freedom, Dr.Bell will give Katherine access to the AI.


Dandy, Nodi, and Fy make their way downtown to the Fleming Office Park to meet their johnson. On the top floor, they meet their johnson, Katherine Curran. Katherine lays out the mission. Retrieve Dr. Bell, get his research and his "daughter" the AI. The team decides on a price and move to the Daze.


Dandy, Nodi, and Fy make their way to The Daze. There they plan to do surveillance on the Kishi Analytics Campus later that evening. Night arrives Fy summons a Viking guardian spirit, Dandy and Nodi physically infiltrate. Fy helps by giving her teammates concealment from her spirit. Fy checks out the astral, it's clear. The pair of shadowrunners decide to infiltrate the east dormitories, Dandy picks the lock to a side door. Nodi accesses an information kiosk and finds that Dr. Bell's suite is indeed in this building. They go up to the third floor and enter his room. There Nodi reads Dr.Bell's journal about his poor treatment at the company and his worries about the AI, whom he considers his daughter, and meeting Katherine. They find out what lab room that Dr.Bell works out of and head to the research building. They find his lab and enter. The pair break concealment and tell him to come with them. Dr.Bell starts typing furiously on his terminal downloading all his research. His assistant sounds the alarm. All three run out and Dr.Bell heads toward the elevator. As the trio wait the other elevator opens up and three guards come out. Dandy, Nodi, and Fy's spirit quickly deal with the guards. Nodi summons his direwolf spirit and they make their escape. The runners leave Dr.Bell at Applebees to get started on his new retirement. He orders a Burger and a beer and is finally free to relax. The shadowrunners go to complete their next task, retrieving the AI, Dr. Bell's daughter. They make it to a clandestine facility that Dr.Bell pointed out. Dandy, Nodi, and Fy infiltrate to the facility. Nodi makes himself invisible and retrieves the matrix cube that the AI is being held in. The alarms sound and Nodi uses a spirit service for movement and every is able to get away. The team picks up Dr. Bell from Applebees and contact Katherine, she gives them the name of an Irish pub to meet at to hand off Dr.Bell and receive payment. The trade is successful, Dr. Bell enters Katherines Limousine the runners have their money and everything is good.


Katherine now has a powerful AI. A few days later the news reported on the death of Dr. James Bell. It is unknown whether this really happened or if they faked his death.


10000 nuyen, 4 Karma

+1 Finnigan Family

Player AARs

"Dandy" Dale Hardin