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You've created your beautiful new Runner, now it's time to craft a wiki page to show them off.


The first thing you need to do is to go to the search bar in the upper right corner, and type the name of your runner. The wiki will search for a page with that name. Hit enter to search.

Type your desired runner name into the search bar

This will get you to a page which displays the wikis best attempts at searching for the name you selected. In the following picture, the page Protagonist does not exist, and is listed as a red link. You may click on that red link to begin creating the page.

If it turns out that the page already exists, please contact @wiki on our Discord server in the #wili-help channel. We handle duplicate names on a case by case basis. Usually, if the name is already taken by a contact, we are happy to move the page for you. Usually, if the page is taken by a runner who is currently inactive, we may decide to move the page and ask that you keep a disambiguation link at the top. Usually, if there is an active runner of the same name, we are willing to set up a disambiguation page. We'll work with you to figure out the best way to help out if you had your heart set on a specific name, but once again these are handled on a case by case basis and no guarantee can be made that you'll get the primary page if you share a name with multiple runners.

On the search results page, if the page does not exist it will be a red link. Click that.

Once you have clicked the red link, you will be taken to the blank page, where you can click "Create Source" to begin. See the next section for the basic outline and links to the template commonly used.

When creating the page, copy the text from Template:Player Character into the page to get started.

Basic outline

We've included a pre-made template for you to use. Navigate to Template:Player_Character and click 'Edit'.

Template view source.png

A textbox starting with "{{Infobox..." should appear, copy the entire contents of that textbox and paste it into the empty textbox on your own page.

Click 'Save page' and you'll be faced with a page like this (only with your runner name where this example has 'Crash'):

New page unedited.PNG


To edit your character's wiki page you will want to click on 'Edit' in the same place where 'Edit' was on the PC template page.

The infobox

Many entries in the infobox will have comments added next to them offering specific instructions relating to the field they are next to.

  1. For now we will leave the placeholder image be but we'll return to that later.
  2. The Archetype value for 'header1' should be replaced with an archetype that best describes your character, e.g. "Adept Wheelman", "Swarm Rigger", "FLR Street Sam", etc. The values for 'header2' through 'header4' can be left blank or filled with short descriptors for your character according to taste.
  3. From here on out you should only edit the values for 'dataX' tags, 'labelX' values should not be changed. The value for 'data5' is a link to your reddit profile. Your_Handle_Here should be replaced with your reddit name and Your_Handle can either be the same or your discord name. What you put instead of Your_Handle becomes the display text for the hyperlink to your reddit profile.
  4. The value 'data6' is for your character's metatype or metasapient type, e.g. "Human", "Elf (Nocturna)", "Oni", "Pixie", etc.
  5. Some qualities alter your Street Cred, Notoriety and Public Awareness. You'll find your values in the 'Character Info' tab for Chummer and HeroLab. In most cases these values will be '0' at character generation.
  6. The date in our living world is the current real life date +61 years, which you can find on the sidebar of the wiki to the left. Knowing your characters age you can calculate back to the year of their birth and then you just need to choose a date for their birth.
  7. As was previously established in Step 5 of the Character Generation Guide you need to have a folder on Google Drive or Dropbox where you store your PDF file and your chum5 or por file depending on which character creation program you are using. 'data14' is where you put the link to that folder, external URLs are formatted with [ display_text].
  8. Under Priority, you replace the 'X' values with the priority letters you chose for each category. For example, changing Metatype - X to Metatype - E.

At this point you should save your page if you haven't already, save often and then save some more applies here as well as everywhere else when dealing with computers.

New page infobox.png

Character information

  • Here you should put a short summary of your character. Can be in whatever style you prefer, we recommend browsing through Category:Player_Characters if you are unsure how you want this to look and see the different ways people did this section.
  • Giving your character attainable goals that can be worked towards during play can result in a very rewarding play experience. Something like "Kill a Great Dragon" is very unlikely to happens or even have any actual progress made towards completion, while "Retire to a permanent High lifestyle" or "Join the New York Slashers Urban Brawl team" are something that can be worked towards.
  • Not all goals need to be long-term, at retirement type of things. Shorter-term goals that you replace once they are done are also fun.
  • Short or long according to your taste and writing prowess, some are so short that they are non-existent while others can be a few paragraphs. We recommend not writing a full short story on the wiki, if you are interested in doing that you could save that to a document on Drive or Dropbox and link it here.
New page character information.PNG
Narrative Significant Qualities
  • Here you should tell us the story behind those qualities that contribute to your characters story or need a description. We'll be giving a few examples here but for more you can look at the wiki pages of other characters at Category:Player_Characters.
    • Distinctive style
      • Huckster has a long, flowing pink mohawk that makes him stand out.
      • Tack is never seen out of his old racing outfit.
    • Dependants
      • Lourdes' husband is a stay at home dad and occasionally he needs to vent about their 4 y/o twins.
      • Wall's mom is in bad health and frequently asks him for assistance with things around the house.
    • SINner
      • Nox is a citizen of the CAS.
      • Quinn has an Ares Limited Corp SIN, his registered address is at Belmount Drive, Bellevue and has licenses for his Augmentations, Firearms and Concealed Carry. His occupation is listed as Security Consultant.
    • etc.
Run History
  • Some characters have connections to certain affiliations at character creation or establish them during play. A player might choose to list here the factions that their character's contacts are in.
New page narrative quals.png
  • Our public contacts library can be found at Category:Public Contacts.
    • You will need a fixer, and can find a list of only fixers at Category:Fixers.
  • Our new contact template should explain itself fairly easily. See Template:ContactTable for detailed instructions.
  • Simply fill in the name of the Contact, the Loyalty, and Chips represents favors owed. You should start with them Even.
  • The HasContact template can be duplicated as many times as you need it within the contact table.
  • This should automatically pull information from your contacts page such as their Connection, Aspects, and Archetype.
  • Your character should also show up automatically on their contact page as long as you have had a run in the past 6 months. If your character does not automatically show up on the page, ping the @wiki roll on Discord and we have a look. It may be that the page has not yet been updated to include the necessary code.
  • Some qualities give characters Organizations as group contacts, if this applies to your character here is where they'd be.
    • E.g. JackPoint - (which could be a result of a character having the Prime Datahaven Membership quality).
  • Group Contacts may be displayed here using Template:GroupContactTable in a way similar to what is described above.
Allies & Enemies

In many cases the information that might fit here would be duplicated from elsewhere, your contacts should certainly count as your allies and an enemy from the Vendetta negative quality should be detailed in the Narrative Significant Qualities section. If you find use for these two parts of your wiki page go wild but you can also safely leave them blank.

New page contacts.png

Photo Upload

If you've found a photo that you like for your character you can upload that to the wiki server on Special:Upload. Follow the directions on that page to upload the file from your computer, then copy the last part of the new url File:Pic_Name.jpg.

Paste that part into the top part of the infobox, replacing the File:Placeholder.jpg.

You can either edit the picture to a good size before uploading (width of 200 - 300 px is recommended) or you can add syntax to the infobox that limits how big the picture appears on the wiki page with this formatting [[File:Pic_Name.png|200px]].

If you are like me, and have no skill for drawing, here is a link to download the portraits from the Shadowrun Returns games.

Basic Formatting

Italicized words are done by putting two (not a double) single quotes around the ''word or phrase''

Bolded words are done by putting three quotes around the '''phrase'''

Bolded and italicized words are done by adding five quotes around the '''''phrase'''''

  • To make bullet points, put a single asterisk at the start of the line
    • or do two, I won't judge

Internal links to other wiki pages, are done by putting double brackets [[Page Name]] around the name

External links have the format [ link text]

Section headers are designated with equals signs around the title:

= One sign =

== Two signs ==

=== Three signs ===