Shoe Boot

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Shoe Boot
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Red Hood
Xenosapient Von Neumann
Von Neumann
This was a dual Submersion ordeal


Heracles and 8133D3R were invited to investigate a dangerous AI that poses a threat to Seattle and, unironically, the known universe. We helped.


Rachael was tortured and attacked by the AI she previously knew; more details found during The Red Star. Red Hood also wants to see it destroyed.

The Meet

Heracles and 8133D3R were ominously invited to a host on the Horizon grid. The host seemed post-apocalyptic and was rudely designed with gravity. There they met the e-ghost Rachael and, eventually, the technomancer Red Hood. We were instructed to acquire information on the Von Neumann AI to help prevent it from being evil and destroying the universe.

The Plan

Matrix search and reach out to contacts. Should be EZ.

The Run

We called up our contacts and were directed to Dr. Henry Wallace, who 8133D3R conveniently knows. 8133D3R calls his acquaintance and gets hung up on almost immediately after mentioning the AI. This prompts 8133D3R to do a wellness check on the good Dr. On the way Heracles looks deeper into what a Van Neumann swarm is. Upon arrival 8133D3R comes up with the ingenious plan to announce his presence and intentions to the receptionist drone before barging into Dr. Wallace's office. After a quick grilling 8133D3R convinces him to spill what he knows. 8133D3R decides to record the conversation in secret. The information is about how cheaper than normal cyberware has entered the market under association with a new cyber-cult. This serves as a lead into the Ork Underground. After leaving 8133D3R is approached by a vendingdrone, which proceeds to threaten him. The AI knows they are looking into it. 8133D3R, paranoid as ever, quickly switches into his security armour and grabs his carbine. 8133D3R and Heracles agree to meet up in meatspace to protect each other. While in a back room of The Daze, they discuss their next steps. They hop into the matrix and conviene with Rachael, getting more information out of her but not much more. Eventually, they decide to return to the meat. Heracles then goes to collect a burner comm and connect with Red Hood. After they relay that choose to investigate further, but the endeavour is considered too dangerous and they back off.


The Von Neumann AI is closer to being stopped, and 8133D3R wants every part of it.


Submersion Ordeal Discount 10 Karma 8 CDP

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