Silvered by Knight

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Silvered by Knight
Factions Involved
Silver Torch (ostensibly)
Major Corp
Bwyell Waedlyd


Godai is tasked to track down and return a missing person. He succeeds, but not without help.


Isabel Catalan has been missing for some time. Sir Boris Aldrich Karl Von Altdorf of the Order of the Silver Torch is worried about the safety of the Lady and calls in a runner.

The Meet

Godai travels from his now empty apartment, having moved into M3chan1c's old place, on his jet-black and silent Mirage. Coming to a building looking like some mix of medieval fort and home he knocks on the door. An anthro drone wearing peasant's attire answers the door and guides Godai to Sir Boris. After a brief back and forth Godai accepts the run and gets on his way.

The Plan

Get in touch with known contacts of Isabel, get crucial information (home address, suspicious activity, known enemies, etc.), search her place of residence, track her down, and finally do any of; rescue her, leave her be, kill her.

The Run

Godai reaches out to his contacts first, hoping to use their connections to get the information he needs. The Margins come short but Brynn comes in clutch. Fae connects him with a friend of Isabel's and sets up a matrix meet. After a brief conversation, Godai learns that this person holds little information of use besides an address for Isabel's home. He ends the conversation and rushes to the apartment to investigate. After locating the floor her apartment is, he sneaking up the fire-escape and breaks in via window. After doing a cursory search he discovers that the place could have been broken into and ransacked, but she may just be messy. That said, the way doors were left open rubbed him the wrong way... so he calls for help from an awakened individual. Calling Bwyell he gets her to agree to join him. Once she arrives at the apartment she takes her own look around and discovers it's likely she was kidnapped by infected. Eventually, they narrow it down to an old warehouse. Godai wants a shock-and-awe approach where Bwyell stand by the main entrance and waits for a signal while Godai provides fire-support via a broken skylight. The plan goes horribly just about as soon as it starts. Godai misses his first shot and is paralyzed by the howl of an infected. Luckily Bwyell is a badass and soloed the combat. After the enemy was dealt with they discover something somewhat expected... Isabel has been infected.


A brief discussion with Isabel results in her not wanting the release of death, but rather a chance to adapt with her condition. Godai provides his commcode in case she ever needs him before reporting back to Sir Boris Aldrich Karl Von Altdorf of the Order of the Silver Torch to inform him that the run was complete and the state of the target/


10k Nuyen (5 RVP) 12 Karma (12 RVP) 4 bonus CDP (2 RVP)


IG run for Godai

Godai befriends a newborn Banshee

Optional, taking from above: Catlike for Bwyell (7 RVP) Sir Boris Aldrich Karl Von Altdorf of the Order of the Silver Torch (C3/L2) (4 RVP)

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