Sioux for (not) peace

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Sioux for (not) peace
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Sioux Nation
Bannerette Unlucky Diplomat
His bodyguards
Casualties and losses
A sioux diplomat to salish, 1 bodyguard
This was Bannerette's IG2 run


The UCAS military contracted Bannerette to perform a false flag operation to assassinate a Sioux Nation diplomat to the Salish-Shidhe Council. Bannerette was disguised as a Salish-Shidhe citizen and posed as a nationalist in the course of this operation (which never officially happened). Though she was not reinstated, the promise has been floated, though time will tell if that really comes to fruition.


Bannerette, who served in the UCAS marines from 2054 to 2082, was involved in a skirmish on the border between the Sioux Nation and the UCAS broke out in late 2081. The result was her general medical discharge, which was part of the political maneuvering to smooth it over. Without benefits, she was forced to begin running, but received a letter from the UCAS military offering reinstatement.

The Meet

Bannerette received the letter too late to arrive on time but went with all haste to the location given therein in her full dress uniform. After waiting for roughly 3 hours, she was brought in to see a colonel in the UCAS military who revealed that her purpose was not reinstatement, but rather to work as a deniable asset in a covert false flag operation to assassinate a diplomat and strain relations between the Salish-Shidhe Council and the Sioux Nation. The pay was 20k nuyen, however, what Bannerette was more interested in was the promise of reinstatement into the military. The colonel made no concrete promise, but made a heavy implication that it was a possibility. Bannerette received far more than the usual intelligence from the usual J, including floorplans, locations, material support, and other such things. It was never revealed to the colonel that Bannerette is a shadowrunner, and it's unknown if this is a secret to the UCAS military or not. Directly following the meet, Bannerette was given a magical disguise to fit her mission, and appeared as a Salish-Shidhe Council citizen.

The Plan

Bannerette's plan was somewhat complex. Step one, rent a room adjacent to the targets in some way and do some recon in order to find the ideal angle of attack. Step 2, soak the carpet on the stairwell leading up with alcohol and set a thermite bar to light it at a set time. Step 3, start the action part of the operation by activating a prep made by talismonger Crazy Otter for the silence spell to cover the sound. Step 4, drill a hole in one of the surfaces for a clean line of sight on the target. Step 6, take the shot, and step 7 immediately exit to the descending stairwell at the same time the fire alarms begin to go off and escape with the evacuating crowd.

The Run

Bannerette rented the room above the diplomat's suite and, through her surveillance, established the sleeping area of her target. She used an ultrasonic sensor, though was almost found out due to the buzzing it created and was forced to stop using it. She smuggled the materials she needed, including a gun and some ammo in a hermetically sealed briefcase. She was able to set up her plan relatively unimpeded after that, however her plan (like most others) did not survive contact with the enemy. The prep she used to make the silence spell, which she hoped would cover up the sound of her drilling through the ceiling, was detected by one of the awakened bodyguards who witnessed the moment she took her shot. In a feat of pure physical prowess, the adept bodyguard tore a massive hole in the ceiling where Bannerette was standing, causing her to crash down onto the bed. Bannerette began to make for the exit in haste. She gunned down a shaman on her way out the door before the water spirit that was summoned got enough time to properly beat her down, and kept running down the stairs. Two grenades were lobbed at her, but both were thrown back, and one ended up knocking out the adept bodyguard. The final body guard pursued her stubbornly until the crowd of people became too dense, and since Bannerette was not holding a visible weapon and screaming, it became difficult to chase her down further. She escaped to a vehicle arranged to pick her up, which drove her to the barrens. Suspicious of the lack of stopping for lights, she attempted to pick the lock on the car door, and threw on a gas mask when a compartment automatically opened near her seat. It turned out to just be a credstick.


Bannerette is left with some lingering doubt in her mind on if what she did was worth it, or even justifiable. She resolves that though what she's done doesnt sit right with her, the chance at reinstatement is worth the cost, and though it may be morally dark it still must be for the greater good.

The possibility of further work is likely, though the colonel left no contact information.


20k nuyen - 10 RVP 6 karma - 6 RVP 2 CDP +5 UCAS Army Rep IG2 Discount Self-Hatred (Political Assassin) 🙃

Optional: Strive For Perfection for -6 KARMA and -12k nuyen (taken)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I don't know how to feel. All my adult life, my job has been revolved around killing. Even before my time now as a runner, I had killed people. But in the military, I never once killed someone who wasn't able to defend themselves, and while as a runner it's harder to call my enemies combatants, they aren't defenseless by any means. This was different though.. the target was defenseless and asleep. Being in the military and in the shadows are both messy, and I knew that from the start signing up as an 18 year old kid. Fuck, my dad was so proud back then. I wish I had a picture of his smile, his warm and comforting smile... what does he think of what I've done, up in heaven, I wonder? Would he think, as I do now, that regaining my honor and getting reinstated is worth this price? Would he see this as a necessary evil, to protect and serve my country? I want to believe that he would, but I don't know. I have a lot to think about, maybe I should talk to Paige about it.