Six Gets Headhunted... Again

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Six Gets Headhunted... Again
LocationSeattle, Redmond
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Humanis The Orange Rats Gang
Six of Hearts Humanis Adept
3 Humanis Goons
4 Gangers
Casualties and losses
Humanis Adept, 2 Humanis Goons


Six of Hearts gets a call from Phil Haskill who wants her to rescue Khargol Henderson, a local ORC leader, who has been kidnapped by Humanis extremists. Along the way she's harassed by a gang and KE and generally has a bad day.


ORC, the Ork Rights Commission, is a pro-trog group opposed to Humanis. Khargol Henderson is a local leader among them, though he isn't a fighter, and gets kidnapped by a 'splinter group' of Humanis.

The Meet

Phil Haskill calls Six of Hearts on a day she thought she had free, and asks her to rescue Khargol. He only offers 10k nuyen for this job, though Six of Hearts accepts.

The KE Checkpoint

Six of Hearts loads her gear into her car and heads over to the Southern tip of Redmond, South of Glow City, as that was the last place the kidnappers were seen. She travels through Bellevue in an effort to avoid running into more trouble with gangs. However, she runs into a KE checkpoint, who wonder why she's around with such obvious cyberware. She manages to spin a tale about childhood accidents that KE barely believes before letting her go by.

The Orange Rats

Heading into the Southern tip of Redmond, she encounters a go-gang wearing orange and tan. They demand she pulls over, and then demand 3k nuyen for safe passage through their territory. When Six of Hearts says she doesn't have 3k nuyen, they say her car will be sufficient payment. Not liking this, she attacks them! After a tense fight that she barely escapes from (she ended up diving into her car and flooring it, only to have her car shot up), she's taken some physical and has a full stun track, but she presses on.

Humanis' Hideout

After dealing with The Orange Rats, she calls Overwatch to see if he's heard any news about this. He has! He points her to a spot up in Bargain Basement where he's aware of a Humanis hideout, and she heads there after getting some first aid performed on her by a medkit. She's incredibly pissed at this point and just walks right up to the Humanis goons out front and opens fire. This leads to a 4-on-1 fight that she barely manages to win, with the last Humanis goon surrendering.


Upstairs she finds Khargol who has been severely wounded. She takes him home and Phil Haskill has a doctor go to his house later. Six of Hearts heads home and turns off her pain editor to pass out.


  • Phil Haskill Loyalty to 3 - 3 RVP
  • 10k nuyen - 5 RVP
  • 2 karma - 2 RVP
  • Perfect Time - 5 RVP
  • 4 CDP - 1 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Next time I am just going to drop a grenade out the window and drive away... Those fucking Orange Rats, or whatever they called themselves... at least I got the target back... would have been a fiasco if they had been able to kill him.