Slinger's First Initiation

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Slinger's First Initiation
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The Wild Bunch Gang


Slinger travels to an old west town metaplane as part of an initiation ordeal.


Slinger's been having strange dreams recently, of him doing heroic deeds. There's one guy who keeps showing up in them, probably something trying to contact him.

The Meet

Slinger speaks to Blanca Blanco about it, and she tells him how to go somewhere where he might find this guy.

The Run

Slinger is transported to a metaplane that looks like an old west town, and, as is custom, begins investigating by visiting the saloon. There he hears that there's bad things afoot, and the town's previous sheriff was found hanged just a couple days ago. Some rabble-rousers show up, introducing themselves as the Wild Bunch gang, led by Bill Doolin. They intimidate the bartender into a free drink but otherwise don't cause any trouble. Slinger leaves to talk to the owner of the boarding house, Ms. McGuffins. He learns that the gang basically has control of the town, and that Bill Doolin is wanted. Sliner notices the same guy from his dreams standing off in the shadows, who talks to him about saving the town from the Wild Bunch. The two investigate the town sheriff's office, and Slinger takes up the old sheriff's badge and pledges to protect the town, with the other man joining him as his deputy. Slinger heads back to the saloon and breaks up a fight between one of the gang members, Billy, and two other men. Bill Doolin then comes out of the saloon and Slinger arrests him, as he is wanted. Doolin is strangely cooperative with the whole thing. Slinger then gets him some food from Ms. McGuffins, as well as a room for himself. He delivers the food and goes to sleep.

Slinger wakes up, gets some more food for his deputy and Doolin, and gets a draft of a telegram to send to the US Marshall's office from the deupty. He takes the telegram to the telegraph office and has the operator, who doesn't seem like this is his usual job, send it. Slinger then heads back to the boarding house to ask Ms. McGuffins more about Bill Doolin. He finds out what happened to the last sheriff. Just like with Slinger, Doolin let the last sheriff take him in easily, and a couple days later the rest of the Wild Bunch came into town and freed Doolin. The sheriff shot Doolin in the arm, but he just walked it off and a few more days later they took the sheriff in the middle of the night and hanged him. Slinger then heads back to the sheriff's office and waits for the return telegram to show up. Eventually a guy named Timothy shows up and delivers the telegram, and seems very nervous about it, as well as not seeming like he had been doing too much manual labor to be working a cushy telegram job. Slinger interrogates him on this, and discovers he is "working at a ranch", doing "ranch things", as well as gaining information about the ranch's location.

Slinger heads off to get a horse to ride to investigate the ranch. He makes a deal with the stablemaster, where he can keep the usually uncooperative horse in the back in exchange for taming it. Slinger mounts the horse, which seems to be a spirit of some sort, and is able to control it. He rides off to investigate the ranch. He heads into the house, and it seems eerily empty, but not unlived in. Something then starts closing the doors, and he dashes out of the house. He goes to see what's going on in the barn, and there seems to be something unseen here too. Slinger investigates the astral and finds a spirit there, who inhabits a haystack to talk to him about his past, then light the barn on fire. Slinger uses a fireball to generate enough smoke to displace the oxygen and snuff the fire, and the barn mysteriously disappears. He heads back to the town, checks in on a few places then goes to sleep.

Slinger is woken up just before dawn by Ms. McGuffins, who warns him of some suspicious things going on with some likely gang members. Slinger heads outside to investigate and hears the sound of hooves fast approaching. He goes off to confront them, and finds more rifle-wielding members of the Wild Bunch, come to free their leader. He torches three of them with a fireball, and with the help of the deputy gets the final two to surrender. However, since there's now no one watching the sheriff's office, Bill Doolin has escaped, and now confronts Slinger. The two agree to duel, and as the clock strikes 6 Slinger incapacitates Doolin with a force 12 death touch. Since the telegraph operators were most likely members of the Wild Bunch and the marshalls aren't coming, Slinger keeps to his promise to protect the town by finishing Doolin off with another death touch. In doing this, he gains the support of the dragonslayer mentor spirit, who was acting as the deputy, and is returned to Seattle.


Slinger initiates for 10% less karma, and gains the dragonslayer as a mentor spirit.


Mentor Spirit (Dragonslayer) quality

8 karma

Ordeal discount on Slinger's 1st initiation


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This certainly was one of the strangest runs I've been on, but I did find it fun playing the role of the gunslingers of old I try to imitate. Haven't had too much experience with the astral thus far, so that was a bit tougher, but I enjoyed the freedom the metaplane gave me to change up my spells. Can't complain about acquiring the help of a mentor spirit either.