Squatters Gym

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Squatters Gym
Old, falling apart, and generally crappy
You can beat the shit out of each other all you want if you're in the ring, but no killing
Location CreatorTeksura
ArchetypeBarrens Gym
IC OwnerJacqueline Metcalfe
Background Count2


The gym is old, and has fallen into clear disrepair. But the industrious barrens dwellers find a way to make use of anything if given nothing better. Most of the original equipment is just plain gone, but replaced with makeshift workout equipment. The entire sparring room has collapsed, the floor fallen into the old boiler room under the gym when the boiler exploded at some point. To deal with this, someone spent a great deal of effort shoveling dirt into the room, filling it up about halfway before they gave up. This results in a sunken-in sparring pit you have to climb into and out of, and a small upper-half of a door off to one side you can climb out of if you can't make your way back to the ground floor. There isn't really any "official" owner of the gym, everyone just sort of uses it and a few personal trainers make what they can selling their services. But more often than not when someone asks who is in charge, fingers point to Jacqueline Metcalfe.

Distinctive Features

The main gym is more or less put together from makeshift equipment from whatever could be salvaged. Large tires with massive sledgehammers, giant sandbags hanging from the ceiling, random pieces of heavy crap intended for lifting exercises, ect.

Sparring Pit

The sparring pit is a room off to the side which has collapsed into the basement ares. The floor has collapsed into the boiler room underneath, some say it happened when the boiler ruptured years back. Since then, someone took a large amount of dirt in an attempt to fill the pit in, and got about halfway up before giving up. The result is the sparring pit is now a half-floor drop from the ground level, and what used to be the door to the boiler room has been boarded up at the bottom, leaving only the top of the door exposed for people to climb out of if they don't want to or can not climb out of the pit.

Squatters Rooms

Most of the rooms in the basement are occupied by squatters, living in the gym's excess rooms. These people generally want to be left alone, although all of them tend to make use of the gym's facilities often enough to be kept in shape.

IC Information

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 No results
3 A run down gym at the edge of Touristville run by squatters.
6 While the gym has fallen into disrepair, it hangs on through the efforts of various enthusiasts and a surprising joint effort between gangs, who view the gym as a neutral ground.

Area Knowledge:Seattle Table

Threshold Result
1 Some people mention a gym on the edge of Touristville that is closed down and occupied by squatters.
3 Squatters Gym doesn't *really* welcome those rich fraggers who come in from the rich side of the city, but it won't turn away the chance to squeeze money out of them. If nobody vouches for you and you look like you have money, there is an entry fee to pay. And an equipment fee. And a cleaning fee if you don't clean your goddamn equipment. And anything else anyone can think of to charge them on. But if you're a proper barrens rat or vouched for, there really isn't any charge for anything other than hiring a personal trainer.
5 Jacqueline maintains the peace within the gym by maintaining neutrality between gangs. Everyone agrees the Squatters Gym is neutral ground, and while it's acceptable to go into the ring and beat the shit out of each other, any killing is a good way to get your entire gang banned from the gym until they bring the offending party there to face street justice.

Runs Featuring This Location

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Trouble at Squatters GymKaigen8718 January 2084