Trouble at Squatters Gym

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Trouble at Squatters Gym
LocationSquatters Gym
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Jacqueline Metcalfe
Squatters Gym Residents
Night Hunters
Night Hunter Gangers
Night Hunter Boss
Casualties and losses
25 Night Hunter Gangers (Boss included)


A group of assailants from the Night Hunters gang have taken notice of the Squatters Gym in Touristville. Their disdain for non-humans who frequently visit the gym made the location a target for the Night Hunters to exploit. They led an assault that would lead to a hostile takeover of the gym, which prompted Jacqueline Metcalfe to ask for assistance from the ShadowHaven community.

The runners who came met with Jacqueline in an alleyway not far from the gym. She gave them details of the attack, which occurred while Jacqueline and several of her friends were taking a break from training to pay a visit to a Stuffer Shack, which was when the Night Hunters made their move. By the time Jacqueline returned and realized what had happened, it was already too late. Now, she gathered some of her friends of her own, which coordinated with the runners to take back Squatters Gym, and eliminate all Night Hunters involved in the threat.


The story begins with one fateful night where Jacqueline and some of her friends in briefly stepping out of the gym to go get refreshments at a Stuffer Shack. During this time, Night Hunter gangers would move in with a hostile takeover at Squatters Gym. Several non-humans would be tortured and killed, while others were simply driven out from the gym itself. The Night Hunters claimed it as their territory, while also keeping some captives as a bargaining chip, should push come to shove when it comes to clashing with enemies who may have an edge over them.

The Meet

The runners were contacted by their respective fixers, being informed of the request to meet with Jacqueline in an alleyway at Touristville. There, she informed the runners of the situation in depth, and the objective was to eliminate all the night hunters from the gym so it can be reclaimed. Any hostages that the Night Hunters held must also be rescued.

The Plan

The plan is for the runners to work alongside Jacqueline and her friends to help retake Squatters Gym and eliminate the Night Hunter threat, keep the gym intact, and rescue any hostages that were trapped inside.

The Run

It begins with a direct assault outside, clearing out the Night Hunters that guarded the only core entrance to the gym. Once the opposition outside was cleared, Jacqueline and her friends would station themselves outside to ensure that the runners won't be flanked upon entering the gym. Upon entering inside, the team coordinated with dynamic entry assaults to gain the upper hand against the overwhelming numbers of night hunters that were against them. With a tactical approach, combining the skills of all runners, the team had a solid composition in facing the Night Hunters head to head. 'Boss' would be the distraction of the party, luring Night Hunters to specific locations in the building that would make them vulnerable to a flashbang. He would also rally his team to bolster them throughout all the fights that occured.

Reapsaw would unleash heavy gunfire in addition to skilled martial arts to counter the attacks of many night hunters, eliminating opposition with ruthless efficiency. Rurosha would be the main front liner of the team, rushing into melee with her deadly blade that would cleave numerous night hunter gangers (including their leader in the gym) to pieces. Hound would be the sniper of the team, picking off key targets (such as enemy ranged assailants), with precise and deadly shots, making nearly all of them count for a killing blow. Bonfire would use her power as an Awakened to take control of the bodies of her enemies, forcing those she controlled to turn against night hunters, stirring greater chaos. She also utilized the summoning of an air spirit, which proved to be quite useful in giving the team an extra edge over the final battle against the enemy's leader.

All in all, the team's tactics completely overwhelmed the night hunters in spite of the advantage of numbers that the night hunters possessed. The team was also able to rescue the hostages they came across inside, which included a Troll and a human who was being forced to join the Night Hunters against his will.


One of the Night Hunters was left alive after all of his comrades had fallen. He was cuffed, and taken to Jacqueline to be dealt with personally. Jacqueline was impressed by the brutal efficiency of the runners, and paid them handsomely for their efforts. Jacqueline and several residents of the gym would proceed to gang up on the remaining Night Hunter, giving him payback for what he and his kind did to the people of the gym.


10,000 Nuyen

8 Karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Truly, what a sickening power I have. The spirit I summoned was incredible useful, but the main event was my ability to take control of those racist goons. Nothing satisfies me more than seeing those pricks either geek themselves, helpless to their actions. They deserved the brutal deaths they received.


To be truthful, I had hoped they'd put up more of a fight. There were fish in barrel. Easy enough pay though.

Reapsaw A warrior does not fear when he has to act as the oak to shield those from the storm