Star Crossed

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Star Crossed
Result The team was able to kidnap the star and deliver her to the J
Factions Involved
Cobra (Carrier Oriskany)
Commanders and leaders
Mysterious Dwarf Gent Emelia Fritz
Casualties and losses
1 Dead Security Technomancer, 1 Dead Mage, Emelia Fritz kidnapped


The mysterious dwarf gent hires the runners to kidnap a simsense star he's obsessed with, Emelia Fritz, known for live streaming big events and also for her love of tailoring and textures.


The meet took place at The Alcohol Restaurant in Touristville.


The runners attended Comic Con, where the mark was live streaming the whole simsense experience. Emelia was easily located by looking at her stream. They realized she was an Adept and that her security team included a mage and a technomancer, by assensing them. Cobra and Delara fascinated Emelia with the odd textures on display in Cobra's tail and Delara's wings, and Delara proceeded to ask questions about how to get/make clothes for herself that weren't doll's clothes. Cobra's expertise in Artisanry allowed her to talk shop with relative fluency, and eventually persuade Emelia to visit her noodle shop later on that evening.

Later that evening, Emelia and her guards visited Noodle's Noodles, Cobra's noodle shop, an experience which was live streamed, adding to its popularity significantly. On the way back to her accommodations in an MCT Arcology, a journey which was not live streamed due to the tedium of a long road trip, Emelia and her security team were ambushed by the runner team after Delara used her Automotive Mechanics skill to disable the vehicle from below, where she had been hidden in a duct tape cocoon. Cobra crushed the vehicle quite thoroughly, completely destroying it, while Paragon let loose some Blast spells through the cracking windows. Delara bricked all guns within the vehicle, as well as the technomancer, who was later finished off by repetitive blasts. The mage was likewise destroyed by focused attack from manabolts. Emelia was not significantly injured, merely rendered unconscious by Blasts, as were her two mundane guards.


The runners delivered Emelia to the Johnson and placed a Stealth Tag on his Windowless™ Van as he drove away. Johnson's last words as he pulled away: "She'll learn to love me eventually."


25,000 nuyen. 2 karma

Player Characters


+2 PA for essentially starring in a popular Simsense Star's live stream, for an hour-long 2-on-1 chat.


Initiated (IG1) WFTP Max: 10k Nuyen to 5 Karma +2 PA for the same reason as Delara +1 PA for Noodle's Noodles


Paragon was already starting to nod off when the exchange of flesh for nuyen had occurred, likely due to the fact that the stim-patch was already starting to wear off. barely standing in front of the dwarf dude as the exchange, Paragon thought to her self (while holding up a drenched rag to damp the blood coming out of her nose) "I wonder if she's gonna be alright." before considering the fact that: A. This was a kidnapping. and B. She was a ShadowRunner and C. She might not actually care at this point due to the fact that she is pretty much sure that she couldn't feel her bones from all the Drain she had taken. After the exchange and was completed and the dwarf said his trademark line, Paragon was supposedly driven to the Daze where she had passed out until the next morning.

25,000 Nuyen, 2 Karma.