Stay Frosty

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Stay Frosty
LocationSeattle, Auburn
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Ordo Maximus
Heart of the Tempest
Mr Frost
Frost's Security
Initiation ordeal for Tempest.


Tempest finds her sire (?) and kills him. Pretty sure it was him, anyway.


Tempest was turned some time ago and has been looking for revenge since. She hasn't had that many leads, however.

The Meet

There's less of a meet and more of a tip left to her via the Matrix by two of her contacts: Emelie and Sir Boris. Boris has found a potential suspect for Tempest's current condition, but since it's a figure deeply embedded in Infected club life, he can't investigate further personally. Emelie, however, is Infected and also an avid night life aficionado in Seattle, knowing a thing or two. She began building a dossier on this culprit, but quickly realized that there were many warning signs about the man's status and connections. As such, she leaves a very incomplete file in Tempest's inbox: the man is known as Frost, owner of several night clubs hidden in Seattle's urban jungle. He takes great pains to ensure the safety of Infected, helping them evade hunters and feast on the populace as they see fit. As a result, he's quite popular among the closest thing to vampire lower class as there is. Current evidence suggests he'll be in one of his clubs the coming night, a place in Auburn known as the House of Blood. Tempest takes off to investigate.

The Plan

Tempest doesn't plan, she just goes in.

The Run

Finding the entrance is an adventure in and of itself. The front of the night club is some sort of consultation office, but upon entering Tempest is directed by the receptionist to Room 46. Upon entering, a camera records her appearance and scans her body for any immediate threats. After a flash, the break room counter slides off the wall, revealing a hidden staircase behind it. Tempest descends to find a reinforced antechambed manned by a very bulky human bouncer and three other receptionists. The bouncer first assenses her, nods approvingly upon seeing she's infected and pats her down. She only has a taser which the receptionist insists is left in their case; she'll get it back when she leaves. After that, strong metal bulkheads open to let the pulsating rhythm of techno music fill the room and let Tempest into the dancing ocean of dual-natured hedonism. Blood bongs, flaming sanguine shots, blood showers and an overabundance of drugs make the House of Blood an expensive but beloved establishment for those who revel in their condition. Even captive, catatonic BTL-pacified humans are spotted in some alcoves, being drained by vampiric couples. Tempest is utterly disgusted by most of it, trying to suppress her own bestial impulses.

She heads on over to the bar, orders a quick drink of A+ blood and then starts looking for the VIP lounges. While the bouncer does let some people past to pay their lip service and give various reports to Frost further up, they all seem to have clear reasons for it. Tempest didn't prepare anything, so she discreetly waits around and eavesdrops some of the reports whispered to the bouncer. Thinking on her feet, she offers an excuse of being one to report about the Night Throne, the faction of Amelie and Jean-Baptiste to Frost. The VIP lounges' bouncer eyes her up for a moment, but the dryad's charms manage to convince him superficially. Frost is lounging with several sycophants when Tempest comes across him, but the two of them head into a more secure, soundproofed alcove. Tempest spins a yarn of Amelie wanting to finally cooperate with Frost, which he seems suspicious about. Fortunately, she sells the lie truthfully enough that Frost believes that at least Tempest herself is honest, even if she is being used as a tool. As such, he offers negotiations to take place in one of his penthouses in Auburn the next night. He hands Tempest a maglock card with a code that will only stay valid on the elevator to his suite for ten minutes after midnight. Tempest humbly thanks the socialite and takes her leave.

Hound is hired as an extra gun since this might go ugly in a hurry. He, as a professional, lockpicks his way to the rooftop of an adjacent building and begins surveillance well before the job itself during daytime when vampires are in hiding. The windows of the penthouse are blackened, but he spots a bulky anthro drone in the garden. Interesting.

Tempest takes the elevator up and tries being straightforward to gauge Frost's reaction, announcing that he is her sire. Frost seems non-plussed, asking what the big deal is. Upon being asked to elaborate, Frost explains he turns all kinds of metahumans to spite the 'purebloods' who carefully curate the members of their society. By making whoever and whatever a vampire, he's fighting against any kind of classist system other vampires attempt to enforce upon their circles. Tempest doesn't seem particularly impressed, especially since Frost refers to metahumanity as nothing more than 'cattle.' She is about to attack with a spell, but Frost's not alone, instead having some security with him for exactly this kind of situation. A quick fight occurs indoors where Tempest manages to break the ward of Frost's personal lodge, running after him as he decides discretion is the better part of valor. Odd, mannequin-looking drones, a cyberpsycho and a kunai-wielding adept all try to block her way but she dodges her way out of all of their attacks.

Except one. Just as she's overextending past them all, one of the mannequin drones spits a fragmentation grenade at her feet. There's nowhere to run. They're in a small room and she's already off balance. The grenade shreds her, the kunai adept and the drone itself into smithereens, barely leaving her with any semblance of life. Frost keeps running to the balcony, intending on jumping off and turning into mist but just then Hound takes a calculated shot and puts a round directly through his sternum, causing the unarmored vampire lord to collapse. As he gets up from regenerating and tries taking cover behind a bench, Hound, who has by now been executing drone after drone outside, puts a single silver bullet through Frost's head, decapitating him from hundreds of meters away. The remainder is cleaned up easily by the Vory marksman who then rushes to the penthouse, juryrigging the elevator's maglock to give him access and stabilizing Tempest with a trauma patch. He drives both of them off in her car, not necessarily because he likes the banshee but because it's what he was hired to do.


Due to Tempest's exposure, distinctive style and KE's investigation providing evidence of her astral signature in Frost's penthouse, she's identified enough to warrant a bounty on her head by unknown forces. In addition, all of Seattle's Infected night life declares her a pariah to not get involved in the heat she's drawn to herself. But hey, she killed her sire........ at least, she thinks she does.


  • Heart of the Tempest IG2 Discount
  • Hound gets congratulated by his Vory boss (8 GMP Award to the player for playing a pre-gen character)

  • Tempest's Rewards
    • 10 Karma (10 RVP)
    • 2 CDP
    • Permanently banned from Infected circles in Seattle's night life
    • Wanted (12,000 Nuyen, Ordo Maximus)
    • Loyalty 5 w/ Sir Boris Aldrich (5 RVP)
    • +2 Reputation w/ The Order of the Temple
    • -18 Reputation w/ Ordo Maximus

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Heart of the Tempest

Well. Didn't think my sire was that much of a dick, but hey. Warm moral fuzzies from killing him, though... I'd've liked to have a taste. I know I shouldn't, but... part of me always wants to do it, I don't know why.