Stealing Secrets

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Stealing Secrets
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Wild Star
The Hot-Rodder from Hell


The team is hired to capture a target carrying proprietary information which the Johnson wanted.


A paranoid executive is keeping info on a datalock in the back of his head, and the Johnson thinks it can be used better in his hands. He calls the team to extract the man along with his valuable data.

The Meet

The team meets at a cafe in Tacoma, where the Johnson gives them information on the target, as well as the time of the target's arrival. Poppet was able to negotiate an increase in pay, and the team set off to do their legwork.

The Plan

The team found information on the security company, Secure-A-Corp, and Poppet went back to her place to create a FBA disguise as one of their members. The team would arrive, scout out the location using spirits and Poppet walking into the building while concealed. Then when the target arrived, the team would converge in an ambush.

The Run

Wild Star, while Poppet and Hot-Rodder were getting Poppet a disguise, was practicing summoning spirits with limited success. After suffering some drain, she finally summoned a force three beast spirit, she was able to conceal Poppet when she arrived, to assist her with her infiltration.

After scoping out the entrance, Poppet entered the building, while Hot-Rodder pulled the car away, waiting for the target to arrive. Poppet entered the bathroom to wait, and Wild Star, with her beast spirit hid in a small alley on the side.

Once the target arrived, the team converged into an ambush, catching most of the opposition off guard. Within three seconds, the opposition was knocked out or killed, and the target was acquired. The team threw the target into a car, and exfiltrated.

The delivered the package to their Johnson, and collected their money.


A poor executive is about to get his brain probed, and not in the fun way. While Poppet tries to make friends with the Johnson.


22k Nuyen 2 Karma 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Wild Star

Well, spirits really didn't like me today, but we were able to have a good mission, and I didn't put my SIN on the line.


We did well this time. I liked working on the disguise, I like the Secure-A-Corp colours, personally. That troll did his best, but it wasn't a fair fight. After all, it was four-on-one.