Stick it to the DA

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Stick it to the DA
Part of ShadowHaven Shutdown
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Ace Powers
DA's Office DA's Office
El Ellie
Turm Falke


Ace Powers wants to Stick it to the DA (roll credits) and has gotten a bunch of runners along with El Ellie to bother the DA and get some contraband implicating one of his allies out of evidence lockup and off their host


Following the DA's hate tirade against runners he calls upon runners at 7am.

The Meet

At 7am the group is called to his office where Ace Powers is pretending to be on a call, almost no one notices as he hype-mans himself. They are to received 16K as Ellie does a concert across from the DA at 4:30 which is the only time it can happen as he pre-booked this. Prince tries and fails to negotiate for 18k and hazard pay, only securing the pay,

The Plan

The Plan is simple, hack in, capture the file, intercept the cleaning service and capture physical evidence.

The Run

Canis engages in a pitched war against the DA's matrix sercurity taking significant stun, however beating them back with vicious reflect damage before finally getting the file and later hacking their cleaning service's host to get the party in. Turm scouts the place, barely getting through after circling and being warned they aren't acting very birdlike. Prince gets the group a set of Ares Industrious and sneaks both Bollwerk and the Turm in falcon form, Turm smells honey and the group doesn't immediately get the danger they're in. The R6 fake sin matches his data and the group enter, and Prince does as he does to keep everything in order, actually cleaning. As Ellie's performance rocks and shocks the DA building leading him to leave with a megaphone.

The DA is quickly caught and made to crowdsurf with one of his guards. Prince attempts to get the guards to be concerned, to no avail, but the enthralling performance does however cause them to not notice as he picks the lock and lets Turm in. Turm notices that the group are wasp spirits and Prince immediately signals for Canis to use his account to buy a case of bug spray and jam it into the ventilation. Turm then pecks the internal lock with an acid beak until they get in and secure the pixie dust. Canis drives to a luckily nearby stuffershack and picks up a case of wasp spray and jams it into the ventilation.

It is at this moment the guards notice the open door and try to blame Prince who lies as the spray fills the building and distracts them enough to break away and he alerts Bollwerk to this who springs into action to defend the lightly armoured infil team from a barrage of bullets. To the horror of the fleeing party nigh on everyone in the building comes out like they're having a violent allergic reaction. The group file into Canis' car and speed off, and the guards come for Ellie with hostile intent but with her presence of mind she drops into the pre-prepared drop chute she had built into the stage and flees trying to use her car as a distraction as she goes for Prince's to take the smuggle route the group pre-planned. One of the bugs however reaches out for her and manages to get a hit in before she gets in and flees joining the rest of her group who also flee for it.


El Ellie calls up Ace powers to get her car un-impounded and the group flees with both the file and evidence retrieved now knowing the DA's office is a wasp hive.


16k nuyen - 8 RVP 5 karma - 5 RVP 8 CDP - 3 RVP +5 Horizon Rep The knowledge that the Renton DA's office is filled with Wasps

Optional: Everyone: Ace Powers Connection 6 and Loyalty 2 for -7 RVP

Obligatory: El Ellie: +2 PA IG Discount

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So bugs huh? Well that's one of the few runs I've not fired a single shot on, while having to use my looks and charm to get most done, and still had to leave under a hail of bullets. That's what I get for leaving infil to someone without opposable thumbs to shut a door. We left in a hail of gunfire, but Ellie got out no issue and we both smuggled ourselves into Redmond proper to escape the obvious wasp hive we just entered. I think it's open season on bugs because those KE conspiracy theory matrix-pieces are starting to look right.


Wow that was a relaxed run at least at the beginning. While the others had to slave I could enjoy with pleasure baking preserves from home. Could be more often so. Unfortunately, we then found that the guards at the DA were all bugs. Very stupid thing. I seem to be attracting the beasts lately. Had to throw myself into the fire of the bugs to protect one of my chambermates. At last it got exciting again. Great feeling - I think that's what I was made for. I passed on the info about the bugs to Cassandra in the hope that she would leave me alone and used the opportunity to ingratiate myself with her a bit. If she prefers me over others, I'm probably not the first on her hit list and can go underground if it gets dangerous.


So I've been told that the DA's office is infested with wasp spirits. That's not concerning at all! /s

Anyway, I think I bounced a decent chunk of damage while just trying to escape with the file. :p

Turm Falke

[Run.vid] A video collection of the run. First, the bird does cocaine with some horizon guy. Then the perspective changes to him flying around the DAs office, fluidly transitioning into a dive onto a rat. The next shot is made from the inside of a laundry trolley, sitting next to an orc in full body armor. Then the trolley opens and the bird flys out, disintegrates the front of an evidence locker, grabs even more cocaine and flies away. After the next cut the bird sits on the dash board of a car, looking at the traffic ahead.