Storming the Castle

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Storming the Castle
LocationTacoma/Puallyup Border
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven KE Garbage Men
Trash Panda
Casualties and losses
A warehouse


Runners hit a KE Pop-up fort that had recieved a massive amount of weaponry, vehicles, tech and other such gear that would have been distributed across Seattle and possibly could have ruined operations for the varying factions across the City and possibly even Runners themselves. Their objective was to destroy this gear.


The varying criminal organisations of Seattle were worried when a new shipment of gear were sent to a large KE force in Tacoma/Puallyup and threatened to be distributed across the city. If this were to succeed KE would be more heavily armed and armoured and could have put a stop to many an important operation. They gathered, and hired Runners to destroy the depot in which this gear was being held, as trying to move that much gear in time would take far too long.

The Meet

The Runners meet the Johnson in a luxurious penthouse Downtown. The area is very heavily defended and the Johnson awaited them at a table in the middle of the room. The Johnson did not seem to represent any single group, but hired Runners on behalf of all organisations that would not like KE poking where they shouldn't be. He let the Runners know as much as he could find before KE had tightened their grip on the area. He told the Runners of the heightened Meat, Matrix and Magical defences that had been implemented at this KE facility with the shipment coming in. He then offered to pay them in Nuyen or any gear they could get from the compound and told them of the week (7 day) deadline before this gear was distributed.

The Plan

Quickdraw would use his Decking skills to find the Runners a route and a way in to the compound without being noticed, as well as protecting the team from any Matrix threats that might arise during the run such as the Security Spiders or the fort's Host. Kost would use her skills as a Face to impersonate either Garbage Delivery or KE Officers in an attempt to get closer to the Depot containing the gear whereas Century would defend the party in the meant, and Trash Panda would infiltrate the facility and deal with any Magical threats, such as the Watchers posted outside or the Wards placed on each entry way.

With this, they would drive their commandeered vehicled (Either a Garbage Truck or a KE Vehicle) towards the depot, this vehicle would be loaded with explosives obtained by Kost and rigged/driven into the depot by Quickdraw. The party would then exfil with Quickdraw detonating the bombs and bringing the depot down on itself. The Runners would exfil via a sewer network connected to the fort from it's original buildsite.

The Run

The first and second days were spent by the Runners doing Matrix legwork. Quickdraw was able to learn of the shipping manifesto telling them that 20-25 new officers had been shipped from Detroit and Canada to reinforce the already strong garrison of the area, this was coupled with a pair of Awakened passengers thought to be Wagemages that would bolster the magical defences of the area. They also learned that while the facility had extraterritoriality now, when the facility was originally built it did not, and as such was still connected to the Seattle sewers and power grid. He also discovered a line directly leading to a HTR team situated nearby.

Trash Panda,Kost and Century all took the time to physically scout out the area. With this time taken they learned that there were roughly 30-40 KE officers were active at ay given time, and some were on Longhaul as a measure to make sure there was no time gap between the switching patrols on the now concrete and monowire topped walls. Trash Panda discovered the R4 Watchers patrolling the entire facility, the Lodge in the command centre and the R4 Wards placed on the door ways, and planned to deal with them accordingly. Kost and Century use this time to watch the patrols until they have memorised the military pattern of KE's patrol squads. Meanwhile, Quickdraw got into the R5 Host, while easily avoiding the Security Spiders patrolling to prepare the Runner's plans by getting marks on the gates and alarms.

The Runners decided to impersonate the regular Garbage Men who did the rounds in the area, they seized a Truck and uniforms with very little resistance. Kost obtains explosives for the Runners to load the truck with and has them primed in preparation to take down the depot. Kost impersonated the driver, Trash Panda impersonates her co-worker while Century impersonates a guard (This is a Barrens Garbage run afterall) after a few hours of disguing prep-work done by Kost to make them believeable as possible, and Quickdraw forging some credentials for them to have single use of to get in.

Using a mixture of Magic and Matrix both Trash Panda and Quickdraw get the Runners through the gate's sensors with little issue, driving the truck towards the depot. Kost uses her facing skills to set up an altercation that would allow the Runners to excuse themselves and escape via the sewer access. Then, while blaring the alarms to make sure no casualties were sustained, Quickdraw drives the truck in and detonates it, bringing the depot down and starving KE of this new gear.


The depot was brought down and it's contents destroyed. Due to a clean run, KE were unaware in Meat, Matrix and Magic that the Runners were ever present, except for the signature Quickdraw left behind.


- 20k nuyen + 2k from negotiation - 3 Karma Or - 44k Nuyen in KE related gear (Dodge vehicles, Ares weaponry, RCC's, Decks, Ares Drones etc)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


For a job where you were supposed to blow something up, this went surprisingly smooth. I was worried when we noticed the opposition, but was glad when everyone agreed to a social infiltration. Garbage men! What a unique cover. A great thought from Panda. And Quick Draw's decking *and* rigging skills served us well. And I was glad to have someone like Century along in case things went south, or to... you know, literally bend metal bars so we can escape.