Strategic war games don't call 'em human beings

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Strategic war games don't call 'em human beings
Result KE Battleplans for the Mayday Protest are Stolen from a command post
Factions Involved
Tattered Black Flags Knight Errant
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
None None



The team arrives at a block party where they are to meet the Johnson. Maddox arrives first and is confronted by two Black Flags members, one of which attempts to slam the butt of his rifle into Maddox's face but Ranger intervenes and very nearly knocks the dwarf unconscious before the blow can land. This very nearly starts a fight but the Johnson interrupts and the party heads off to the meeting. The job is to steal KE plans to suppress riots/protests during May Day from a KE Dodge General Command center in Downtown Seattle, these plans would likely be physical as they'd already tried to access them from the matrix and couldn't find anything. Maddox negotiates for a better payday and the Johnson agrees to it and the party heads out to discuss their plans.


All three members of the team do basic research on the KE command center, and eventually formulate a three-part plan to steal the datachip in coordination with a decker associated with the Tattered Black Flags. Ranger purchases a Yamaha Raiden in preparation for the run. The team prepares to enact their plan; Firebug flies off in the direction of the command center, Maddox goes to a bar for awakened and astrally projects, and Ranger waits patiently in a cafe across the street. In order to create a distraction, Firebug drops two high explosive grenades on a row of parked cars creating a chain of explosions, drawing the attention of the KE riot cops away from the site in order to investigate the explosives and some bystanders begin rioting. Maddox engages the astral security remaining at the command center, consisting of two barghests, a force 3 spirit, and a magic 3 aware in astral combat. He defeats the spirit first and then deftly finishes off the two barghests and the aware cedes control of the astral region to Maddox. After this, Firebug gives Ranger the go-to to begin infiltration and she sneaks into the facility. She arrives at the Dodge General Command and successfully rewires the maglock in ~9 seconds, allowing her to enter silently. Upon entering she sees two KE commanders and knocks out both with AP rounds, sending both into overflow and the Tattered Black Flags decker hacks their biomoniters (although, both ultimately manage to live). Ranger successfully locates the appropriate data chip containing the plans and leaves the area after carefully wiping everything down with C-Squared. The team then delivers the data to the Johnson and are paid for the run with no further complications.



20000 nuyen, 3 Karma, +3 Tattered Black Flags

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