Street Fighting In The Moonlight

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Street Fighting In The Moonlight
Status Threat Level: Low-Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Gangers
Roadkill (Inactive)
Troll heavies
Ganger fodder
Casualties and losses
None So many dead gangers


The group were called up by their fixers with an offer for a fairly simple job: Kill some gangers. They met up with their Johnson, who informed them that he simply wanted some gangers dead, and was willing to pay for it. With a little encouragement (which involved roughly 200 rounds of EX-ex), they went on their way. Naturally, the job went quite well, because that's what happens when you hire three street samurai and an adept to kill people.

The Meet

The group met their Johnson in a plain old warehouse, where he gave them the details of the job. There were a group of gangers that he wanted dead, and they knew that there was some attack coming. There was little negotiation, as the Johnson started with an offer of 12k NuYen and 50 rounds of EX-ex each. With the job accepted, they headed off.

The Plan

There was little planning involved in such a simple run. The plan, in its entirety, was "Take Roadkill's van, use drugs, and rip and tear, until it is done."

The Run

The run went rather well. The team pulled up on a group of six gangers around an oil drum, and opened up with a flashbang. Pollux remained within the van, making use of the gun port, while the others climbed out and started shooting and swinging. The first wave went down quickly, and they had five minutes to prepare for the next wave, which they did by healing with Roadkill's Valkyrie, and by setting up flashbangs along their path.

The next wave had some more heavily armoured gangers, but they still went down fairly easily. Pollux's two flashbangs stunned a few of them, and Roadkill's suppressive fire cut some of them down when they tried to peek out to shoot. Roadkill took a couple hits themselves, but that was easily dealt with by another usage of the Valkyrie.

The final wave beefed things up with a pair of heavily-armoured trolls wielding riot shields. However, Pollux had set up a trio of flashbangs where she expected the van to stop, and the triple detonation did some damage. More suppressive fire, some neurostun, Trixie's swinging, and bullseye bursts ended up taking out the group without much difficulty.


The group headed back to their Johnson and received their money for a job well done.


12k NuYen / All

50 EX-ex rounds / All

5 Karma / All

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Went pretty well, and it was cathartic to let out some frustration. Those poor gangers never knew what hit 'em.


Wow. They really like giving me runs that're just "kill a bunch of gangers." At least it wasn't all that difficult.


Some drekhead shot me with a Krime Wave! The insolence!Frag 'em though, not like it hurt. Other lot did a decent fraggin' job of it, Roadkill especially. Would make a strong CO.