Strike while the Iron is Hot

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Strike while the Iron is Hot
Part of Against all odds - The OtherCon story
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Result Runner victory
Factions Involved
Evans Doyle
Casualties and losses
None 2 guards and a wall


OtherCon] has used data previously collected to identify the location of more missing members of their group. The team is hired to recover whoever they can.


Evo has been kidnapping members of the SURGE community and shifters for their experiments. OtherCon has been fighting back, hiring runners to find where the kidnapped members are located, and recover them.

The Meet

The team meets up with the J and quickly agree to the job. Howler, already invested in the group, is especially keen on helping again.

The Plan

The team discusses various plans, and largely resolves to defer to Rambozo's plan to blow up a wall. The question is which wall needs blown up.

The Run

The team does a quick drive by of the location at night, and spots some guards in place. Stormcrow gets some eyes in the air to look around the building, and finds ventilation access. Howler sends her new ocular drone out, and with help from Stormcrow is able to get inside after the Raven tosses a rope into the vent to jam the fan, allowing the drone to pass by without getting smashed up by the fan.

As the drone makes its way down the vent, Howler nearly runs into a spider hanging out in the ducts, and freaks. She reflexively zaps whatever happens to be in front of her body at the time with a lightning bolt. After calming down, she gets the drone inside to take a look around.

Finding a room that isn't a part of the plans, the team is *pretty sure* that's the room where the prisoners are being kept. A quick use of detect life fails to confirm this for certain, but does give the team a rough estimate of enemy forces. The eye is left inside the building, hidden on top of a vending machine.

The team waits a day but quickly confirms they do not want to try the assault in daylight, and instead sits tight until night to make their move. Rambozo sets his charges and everyone backs up a safe distance. The wall comes down and the guards are surprised. A quick firefight ensues, and 2 guards are killed while the other 2 surrender. The team recovers 2 members of OtherCon, including the squirrel-girl Tanya, who Howler had already saved once before.


  • EVO is now likely more aware of hostile efforts to recover the kidnapped SURGE and Shifters.


¥6,000 nuyen. 6 karma.

Four chrome hubcaps (retrieved and lovingly restored by Stormcrow).

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Howler's After Action Report

You know, that Tanya girl isn't that bad. A bit of an airhead, but she's pretty nice. She could really use some situational awareness though. Howler sat back and thought about it. Maybe it would be worthwhile to take her under her wing and try and teach her a better way to stay out of that kind of mess. Teach her how to protect herself, be aware of dangers, that sort of thing.

Stormcrow's After Action Report

A quick and easy victory. I even was able to bargain up the pay, and what's better, the rest of the team didn't claim their share! It was also great working with Rambozo, who seemed very enthusiastic about his part of the plan.