Super Summoning Sensei!

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Super Summoning Sensei!
Part of The Narcotic Menagerie
LocationRedmond Barrens & Tacoma
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Mama Tamara
Mama Tamara's forgotten spirits A random Kami'd up bear
Messenger 7
A bunch of spirits The Kami'd up bear


The Haven is tapped to help deal with some spirits that were infesting a talismonger's drug operation (which was in a shed).


Our intrepid heroes were spontaneously tapped to help deal with some spirits one morning, all being Awakened in one form or another.

The Meet

The group met up at the Johnson's Talismongery, with Itako being somewhat late.

The Plan

The plan, simply put, was to go scout it out and then wing it.

The Run

The group found the shed locked, which Messenger 7 dealt with via sword to the door. Stepping inside after Itako channeled a mighty Force 10 spirit, the group finds Mama Tamara donned in safety gear, cooking up some drugs, having arrived earlier than the party (somehow). The group notice a sleeping bear in a corner. Pell, on a hunch, calls up Beastmaster, asking if he's missing a bear. Having confirmed that the bear is indeed one that Beastmaster was looking for, and is on Kamikaze, Messenger 7 and Pell stun it while Itako banishes the spirits in the shed. Itako then banishes the spirit outside after conferring with Mama Tamara about any leftover spirits. Messenger 7 manhandles the unconscious bear outside.


The party is then paid by Mama Tamara the agreed amount of 8,000 nuyen, with the addition of some old hard candy and drug gummies (probably deepweed). The group then heads to the park where Beastmaster usually conducts this type of business and the group haggles over the pay, bumping it up from 4,000 nuyen to 5,000 nuyen.


13k nuyen

5 Karma

Sensei (Summoning) Mama Tamara at Chargen Cost


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


...More drugged up animals. Anyway, Mama Tamara seems nice, in that "no shits given" vodka aunt kind of way.

Messenger 7

... She called me crazy. That animal tried to take my head off, not that it succeeded. It would have been a service to the world to put it down, I think. Still, my fellows on this run were certainly competent. I'd be happy enough, I suppose, to work with them again.


My apologies for being a couple minutes late, but I am glad everything went so smoothly and I was able to help you all take care of this problem.